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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Make Up School Exercise #1 + MAC Workshop

I always look forward to Saturdays now that I am back and continuing Artistic makeup at LCI and today was technically our first hands on exercise. We were asked to prepare the basics we needed for preping the skin and make up application and had a discussion on the 101s about face, eyes, eye brows and the likes.

We also tackled skin types and colors, how to determine skin tone, how to match foundation and how to mix for a certain skin tone. Thanks to Graftobian Foundation Palette, I had a wide range of foundation shades that didn't require me to mix foundation to match my model Mars.

The hardest part was creating the perfect brows! It was such a struggle especially since we were all used to doing brows in different styles that now we had to follow what was being taught. I spent so long trying to achieve a "good" from RB and kept re-doing mine. I definitely need practice. hehe And because everyone got stuck on the eye brows, well uhh we ended at eyebrows and no eye shadow application. But we had to get going too for a 2pm workshop at MAC Glorietta.

Here are a few photos from today's exercise:

Just after moisturizing face (Mars eto na ung pinaka matinong before picture haha)

Demo Foundation application care of RB on my model (I did the blending)

After foundation no concealer yet

With concealer and eye brow application (after the nthhhhhhhh tryy! Waahh!)

Because we only ended at the eye brows and had to proceed to Glorietta already, I just put blush, lip liner and gloss on Mars face to give her some color.

Her final look with flash

So here's a rundown on the products used on Mars face:
Graftobian HD Foundation in Buttermilk
Cinema Secrets Concealer Palette in Kit #2
Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Chino to set Foundation
Ever Bilena Foundation powder in Oriental to set Under Eye
Ardell Brow powder for eye brows (major fail by the way Im so getting something else)
NARS Blush in Desire
Nichido lip liner in Rosette
MAC Lip glass in Oyster Girl

Next are just a few pics of the MAC workshop at Glorietta Maike was kind enough to conduct for our class. :)

Me and Odessa talk about oiliness! haha

Schoolmates! :)

Maike and Riza

That's all girls! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. You did a very good job on your model's make-up! She looks great!

  2. @Soapaholic Thanks so much, Eyebrows aren't even though hehe

  3. awww, that's a great class and the after photo makes a huge difference, you really look happy :)

  4. the model looks so pretty!


  5. she looks good to go for the whole day..or night sa last photo..ms caby pag kayo ba nag mamakeup for others do you use talaga graftobians cinemasecrets macs,or you use local products din like liquid foundation from EB sa mga photoshoots?

  6. @MARS Maganda naman ang outcome hehe

    @Nikki super fun our class kasi dami namin hehe

    @Carl nakalimutan ko nga mag picture with you guys eh hehe next week :)

  7. @M Yeap she has great skin to begin with

    @Shobe Its actually up to you on what products to use, I use a mixture of all products since it so happens ung graftobian foundation ung sakto sa model ko. And the mixture of different products seem to work naman together :)

  8. Pretty! I like the way the blush was applied. :P

  9. @Pammy thanks I applied it using a mini stippling brush :)

  10. kilay perfection! gahh! frist evaluation on saturday. Goodluck to us! :) I think michies coming with me for sat haha

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