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Monday, January 4, 2010

SOAP update Lulur Bar and Pinoy Halo Halo Fiesta Soap

Hi girls, I apologize for prolonging the update for the Lulur Bar soap. If you will refer to the post I did when I got the Lulur Bar, I was ecstatic to try a well raved soap to help cure my skin challenges (oily, prone to blemishes, uneven skin tone, hairy).

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience with the soap and may not be the same as how others have experienced with this soap.

Have you ever had a chemical peel on your face? I have at least 3 times. And when I do have a peel scheduled, I make sure It's the time I stay home for at least 2 weeks. Why so? because it makes you peel like crazy and aside from that, it hurts. But as long as you follow the procedure with all the creams you are in for good skin. The pain part, was what I experienced with the Lulur bar. On the first application alone, it stung like crazy, but since I am used to chemical peels, I endured it for a bit, let it sit and then washed it off. After a few days, I noticed my pimples started drying out, which was a good sign. Aside from that I noticed areas of my face starting to peel. So I thought it would pass after a few days. But sad to say it didn't. :( My face ended up very dry and I just had to stop it. The peeling wouldn't stop and it kinda stung without even using it. No amount of moisturizer would balance out the dryness.

What I did like about it is, It really does make your skin supple. It does that by tightening the pores. I guess this would work for me If I found a perfect moisturizer to match. I suggest this be used at least every other day or every 2 days especially if for your face. It stings, so I don't recomend this for people with sensitive skin or people with low tolerance of pain.

So because I had to stop the lulur bar, I was in search again for another product to try and came across this while I was walking around Mega Mall:

Whitening, Exfoliating, Antibacterial, for normal to oily skin; ingredients: Papaya extract, Pineaple extract, Mangosteen extract.

ONLY PHP99.00 for 150 grams
Wholesale prices offered at a minimum of 12pcs

I was really looking for a soap that would be anti-bacterial but at the same time non-drying to the skin. When I asked the SA which of the soaps were the best sellers, they told me it was the Geisha Soap and the Seriously White Soap. I honestly wasn't looking for a whitening soap coz uhh I intend to use this only for my face and I don't want a really white face with my morena tone hehe. However amongst all the other soaps they had, this soap had the anti-bacterial factor plus the exfoliating factor. Which I deemed necessary for my troubled skin.

So again, I am in testing stage in search for a soap that will help cure my skin problems but at the same time retaining the natural moisture of my skin.

The challenge is on for The Soap Factory's Pinoy Halo Halo Fiesta Soap! :)

Do check out their website or their store at the 4th floor Mega Atrium SM Mega Mall to see a wide range of the soaps they offer. I really want to try the SOS Salvation soap next. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. wow Halo Halo soap sounds so cool :) I love it that locally, there are more products like these coming out :)

  2. @nikki yeap kakaaliw yung store and they're really affordable too! :)

  3. sounds like an interesting bar. i'm trying to imagine what it smells like based on the ingredients you listed. hope this works for you. =)

  4. @Jackie It smells really fresh actually. And yeah i really hope this works for me :)

  5. carla, try using oilatum bar, Neutrogena acne free facial wash.

  6. the lulur bar is mainly intended for the body because its actually drying. but some people still use it for the face though.. I use it for just the body, just specific areas. And Im still hoping it will work..


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