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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ben Nye Cover All Wheel SK-1

Hey Guys, part of my haul came with this Ben Nye Cover All Wheel in SK-1. I initially wasn't going to get any concealers since I still had my Cinema Secrets Kit #2 which I was pretty satisfied with. But then again I thought, might as well get one with the whole bunch since I might regret not getting it. So i just chose this modest 4-color wheel instead of their other concealer wheels with 6 colors.

0.5 oz

It comes in this very handy and portable wheel that is divided into four to accommodate all the colors. Here's what it looks like open.

I wiped off the moisture on top due to the unbelievable Manila heat

Now for the fun part, the swatch! :)

Swatch of Ben Nye Cover All Wheel SK-1

When I swatched the Ben Nye Wheel, I immediately thought off the CS kit#2 palette I had and saw how similar it was to that palette. In terms of the consistency too it is very creamy and pigmented. The cliche "a little goes a long way" applies to this palette. And to show its similarities I decided to swatch the CS palette below the Ben Nye.

TOP: Ben Nye Cover All Wheel SK-1
BOTTOM: Cinema Secrets Corrector Palette Kit #2

Based on the swatch of Ben Nye and Cinema Secrets it clearly shows that both brands show similar consistency of the creamy-ness and also they are at par with pigmentation. So that therefore merits a triple thumbs up for me! :) I found an alternative for my HG concealer!! Hurryyy! :) The only difference is CS has 5 colors in their kit and Ben Nye has 4, but the good part is the extra color CS has I never touched or need to use. So yayy still. :)

So To illustrate its concealing powers, I tried the Ben Nye on my own set of eyes. I mixed the first 3 colors of the Ben Nye concealer and applied the concealer using a Beauty Blender.

Note: You will only need very little of each because it is very pigmented

Now here's an image of me with the Ben Nye concealer on only the left eye. Please forgive the shiny forhead since I hadn't set the foundation yet with any translucent powder hehe.

Left: With concealer Right: Without Concealer

I have bad skin and deep bags because I sleep very late. So it is always a must that I conceal these. And from the image above showing only one side with the Ben Nye concealer, it is amazing to see how different is is from the other eye in an instant. So of course, here's the mage of me with both eye bags concealed with Ben Nye, again pardon the shiny forehead. hehe

Concealer only, no setting powder yet

All concealed! Amaziing!! :) Im am soo loving this Ben Nye Cover All Wheel now and this will be my staple concealer from now until I find another great concealer. Hehe the only con I see with this is that it isn't available locally, but that may change soon because I love it soo much! Yayy to concealers! :)

Yayy for Ben Nye! :)

Toodles! :)

BTW: Got my Skin Natural MD sample kit today, will be testing this for a while and let you guys know how it works on my skin. I'm soo excited! :)


  1. oh my, i can see the difference! i want one! I also need it to conceal my deep eye bags. oh my.. it really amaze me!

  2. @Bea yeap it works pretty well :)

  3. yes, you're right, it was concealed pretty well :)

  4. oh great i will try this out soon!

  5. @Nikki Yes and im officially a convert :)

    @Shifa You should its great :)

  6. where did u get your ben nye loot? thanks!

  7. wow..i need a good concealer! i use mac but im not impressed! i need something good!

  8. love that and i love ben nye products
    xo mw

  9. @makeup shakeup from an online theater supply store. :)

    @CosmoFreakaLeak Same case with me and Mac, wasn't totally happy with theirs. :)

    @MW Ben Nye is lovee :)

  10. wow naka-cover nya talaga sis! how much? san mo nabili?

  11. @Khymm bought it online a theatrical supply store. :) around $16 :)

  12. ben nye makes good products nga :)

  13. Hi, can you please link me to the websites to where you got your ben nye & sample kit.
    Thanks alot :)

  14. Wow that's amazing! i've been looking for a concealer that covers that well, i have the same prob with deep bags. i'm just a little darker than you though do you think that palette will work for my skin tone? i'm like an olive tone

    Btw yeah i know this is old but i just happened upon your blog and i love it :)

  15. @anonymous this can be purchased through ebay :)

    @Anonymous Thank you for dropping by my blog and taking time to read my posts. The beauty about getting concealer wheels is that it will fit most if not all skin tones by just mixing the different colors. So im sure this wheel will work well for you too :)

  16. thestylequarter.multiply.com is now carrying Ben Nye. Yay! :)

  17. Hi,

    How does this compared to the Kryolan concealer wheel in terms of application and coverage ?


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