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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Paul & Joe Eye Color Kit 1

Hi dolls, for Christmas my brother gave me a Paul & Joe Christmas gift box in Color Kit #1. Since everyone knew I wanted anything make up, my brother went and got me this one. This is actually my very first Paul & Joe make up.

It comes in this really cute re-usable purple make up box with gold foil designs, and once upon, ta-dah!!

The products:
Trio Eye Shadow Palette with applicator
Black Eye Liner Pencil

Trio Eye Shadow Palette

Cute packaging

The shadows and finger swatches of each. These shadows had no name so therefore we will call them (fr. l-r):
Lavender Shimmer
Beige Shimmer
Black Shimmer

Swatch on arm

Eye Liner Pencil

Swatch on hand

I haven't tried these products on my face yet after swatching but I must say in my honest opinion, Paul & Joe is not really a brand that would be of my first choices when picking up make up. I have never really tried their products, and I guess this kit is my dummy kit. :) What I can say about them is they are very good in presentation and in packaging (hey, my bro bought this because of the cute packaging lol). They sure know how to grab attention in bundling and attractiveness. I also do not know which products are the brand's expertise too, like if they are good for eye shadows, foundations, creams and etc. What I do know is that it is pretty pricey! This kit (correct me if I'm wrong) runs for almost PHP4,000!!!! So it must be worth its price. :)

What can I say, it is pretty so it must make me feel pretty hehe. Just sharing one of the make up goodies given to me on Christmas. :)

Speaking of Christmas, here's my Christmas eve look for the family's annual Christmas photo sesh.

Toodles! :)


  1. wow..I love Paul & Joe, I seriously do own a lot of foundation from P&J but not the eyeshadows :) Enjoy, love your photo!

  2. You look so chic in that photo, love it!

  3. @Nikki Thanks I should try their foundation then :)

    @Nina thanks girl :)

  4. wow! I want to try Paul and Joe too. You lucky girl! Anyway. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sis. Love your last photo :)

  5. @CHARRY Thanks Charry! Happy new year! :)

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