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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ben Nye Fantasy Fireworks Wheel

One reason why I was very much attracted to Ben Nye is because of its wheels. Not only are you getting quality products but you are also getting these in bundles because of the wheels. Ben Nye has a number of wheels that serves the purpose for everything. These wheels consists of creme makeup, from metallics, mattes, for bruises and what have you. Ben Nye was first of all created as make up for movies so expect they have everything, and I mean everything! They are amazing I love Ben Nye!

Part of my Ben Nye Haul consisted of a lot of wheels. Here's another wheel that I got called Fireworks Fantasy Wheel. This wheel has all metallic cream colors which are in the neutral shades. Here it is:

Wheel consists of 6 colors all shimmery and oh so beautiful!!

Swatch without flash

Swatch with flash

These pictures of the swatch really does no justice to the product. It is way better seen in person or when you personally swatch the product. My initial feeling when I swatched the product was WOW, this is sooo pigmented! It is very creamy and goes on very smoothly on skin. This wheel will last me a while and I have the basic colors I need.

This wheel is best used on avante garde looks and for everyday too. This can be used as eye shadow base or alone. Do remember to set the creme colors with translucent powder when using alone. Also, remember to put a thin layer only so creasing won't occur. :) This product is awesome, it is so light on your skin! :)

Here's an image of me using 3 shades (Bronze, Gold and White) from the wheel as eye shadow alone. The creme colors weren't even set with powder yet. I used the Gold for my lids, bronze for the outer-mid crease and the white for the inner corner of eye.

Without being set with translucent powder

The look alone is very simple and good for everyday looks. When I stepped out of my room, my mom was amazed at how fresh I looked. This simple look gives my eyes that simple boost to make it look more alive. Loveeett! :)

This is definitely something I will be using more of in the future. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Jealousy! haha they look so nice =)

  2. @Maui yuhhh super :) ill see you tomorrow :)

  3. dear, how did you ship the ben nye stuff to the PI?

  4. @Crystal Pinasabay with other online purchases ng mom ko. :)

  5. does it crease? it looks super gorgeous

  6. @Nikki No naman basta don't put too much :) Thin layer lng dapat hehe

  7. Wow those colours sure look pigmented! And... SHIMMERSSSSS =DD

  8. @Gaby they are really pigmented and shimmery hehe :)

  9. Love this! I've been meaning to get one of these Fireworks wheels for awhile now and now you've made me want one even more! :P

  10. ouuu...I need this!

  11. i saw this on sale, so im thinking of buying it! :D thanks for the review!

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