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Saturday, January 9, 2010



Size comparison of all 3 brushes

After the long wait The brushes are finally available! :) As mentioned in my previous posts, I have 3 brushes in the current line, these brushes are:

1) The Stippling Brush
2) The Angled Brush
3) The Blending Brush

These are the brushes that I have had manufactured and tested and now I am sharing them with everyone! These brushes are of top quality very dense and are very very very very soft!:)

Here's a closer look at each of the brushes.

(Click on each image to appreciate bigger)

The Stippling Brush

Perfect for a flawless application for either liquid, cream or powder foundation. The Stippling brush is famous at achieving an airbrushed finish by bouncing or "stippling" the brush on your face. The Stippling brush is made of the GOAT HAIR and SYNTHETIC HAIR.

PHP700 (USD14.00) ONLY! :)


Approximately 8 inches long; Bristles at 1 1/2 inches

Diameter at 1 1/12 inches

The Angled Brush

Can be used as a blush brush or a contour brush. The angled design allows precise application on the cheekbones. The Angled brush is made of SPECIAL GRADE GOAT HAIR.

PHP600 (USD12.00) ONLY!!


Approximately 8 inches long, Bristles at 1 inch long

The Blending Brush

Essential for any eye make-up application, responsible for taking out harsh lines created by eye shadows giving you gradient perfect blending every time. The Blending brush is made of SPEACIAL GRADE GOAT HAIR.

PHP300 (USD6.00) ONLY!!!


Approximately 7 1/2 inches long, Bristles 1/2 an inch

For those who are interested at getting their hands on a brush, you may email me at:


Available to Philippines customers, standard shipping rates apply. :)

For those interested but are outside of the Philippines, please email me so I can check shipping rates to your area of the world. :)

It's time to

Toodles! :)

P.S Multiply store to be up very very soon! Get your
brush before everyone else! :)


  1. Congratulations, Caby! You've come a long way. Good luck to your business. Will try these brushes someday

  2. Oh wow those look so nice! So far I'm really digging your stippling brush, so I might just have to bookmark this blog.

    But good luck on selling your new line of brushes dear!!

  3. @Geeky Mac Boy Aww thanks and yes they are super duper nice and soft! :)

    Thank you do come back soon :)

  4. goodluck with your business and the brushes do look promising! :) so excited for you!

  5. brushes is the way to paint the face! if its not for bloggers like u, i wont belif in brushes ^^ luv ya posts!

    xoxo elle

  6. @Nikki Thanks Nikki so much :)

    @Elle Brushes make a big difference. I didn;t believe in them before too hehe :) Thanks Elle :)

  7. sis yung stippling brush mo soft but stiff ba?
    karamihan ng stippling brushes hindi stable enough para magawa ang stippling motion

  8. @K Yes it is soft but stiff. When you first get it it looks exactly like the one on the picture above, but i noticed after a few washings, the goat hair settles on the outer and the synthetic more in the inner. And will eventually look like this:


    which is better since i becomes more dense :)

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