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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super Steal Deal + Megan's giveaway!

Hey girls, about two weeks ago, while I was at robinsons galleria, I came about a store that was selling really cheap bags. I went around found a BELKIN IPOD case for only PHP50 and I was sold! While I was at the counter in line, my eyes were drawn to a bag on the shelf. I started palpitating and immediately went towards the bag. And here it is:


I WAS IN LOVE! It was a makeup bag! Once I held it, I couldn't let go, there were only 2 pieces left! and the best par, it was only PHP249!!!!

Here's what the bag looks like open, it's roomy and very spacious.

Although the bag doesn't have any trays inside like other make up bags, I have decided to use this bag to store my non make up products like creams, moisturizers, spritzers, make up removers and other accessories needed for a shoot and for make up school. :) I just placed a bag organizer to make it look more organized. :)

Here's a close up on the patern on the bag:

And here's what it looks like when hung:

Im really really pleased at the wonderful deal I got with my bag, the pattern and color goes perfectly well with my train case too! So happy about this. :)

Speaking of wonderful, Megan is having a great giveaway that you should all check out too!

Click on the image to direct you to Megan's Giveaway!

Have a wonderful day girls!!

Toodles! :)


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, as well as, commenting! I was skimming through your blog and the blue eye makeup looks hot on you. Not many people can work blue, but you work it well!... hehe~ :)

  2. @Ahleessa Aww thanks sweetie :)

  3. omg caby.. i want to go to that store!

    do u mind sharing the name ? puh-lease :)

  4. Cute bag! what's the name of the store?

  5. @Kay and @CHARRY The store is actually RObinson's Department store, pero nakahiwalay sya, it's by the old olympic village (if im not mistaken) area next to a toy store :)

  6. ooh it does look like that black bag we wanted haha im sure there isnt any left though. Ill just use the robinsons bag thingy i got too for now. one more day cabs! cant wait :D

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