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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel

Hey guys, here's another wheel from my Ben Nye Loot. This is the Creme Rouge Wheel, a wheel that comprises of 6 creme blush colors. I wasn't planning on getting the wheel since I ony wanted about 3 shades of their creme blush but then again, getting the wheel with 6 colors seemed like more of a deal since the 3 colors I wanted was part of the wheel. :) Aren't wheels love? :)


Aren't the colors so vibrant and pigmented? :) First reaction upon swatching was how great the colors would be too for the lips, isn't that amazing? Dual purpose for one wheel!! :) Now I know why people rave so much about this creme rouge wheel from ben nye.

And just like the previous reviews on othe Ben Nye products, this goes lightly on skin and spreads easily. Perfect for everything! I can use this to the mall to give me that light flush to heavy makeup requirements that need intensive blush colors! This is definitely buildable and the best part is, I can even mix the colors to make new ones! :)

Love love lovee the colors, can't wait to use this out both as blush and lipstick. It looks like I won't be needing anymore creme blushes anymore. yayyy! :)

Are you guys loving Ben Nye yet? I definitely am! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. oh wow looks super cool! much better than getting indiviual ones from mac eh

  2. ooh wow super pigmented nga! when i first saw it akala ko lipstick wheel! haha.

  3. @Crystal Yeap all the colors are so nice :)

  4. Hey! Can you tell me please, does they have a special smell?

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