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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Make up School Exercise #3 - Contour and Highlight

Out of all the techniques in make up, I must say Contour and Highlight is my favorite. According to my wonderful make up guru RB Chanco my face shape is square face that is heart shaped, so I really love to contour and highlight.

This session, my model was my good friend Kara. Or more commonly known as Krista's look alike hehe. Kara is naturally gifted with beautiful skin so make up on her face was exquisite. Her face shape is long therefore contour and highlight was also best for her to achieve a smaller looking face. We basically did the whole prime look again on our model and then added the contour and highlight. :)

Here are the pics from that session. :)

Beautiful RB and Kara :)

Kara's light contour :)

Me and Kara

Please forgive the weird lighting of the pictures, i'm still trying to figure out my new camera but amidst the weird lighting, Kara was even more beautiful with just the right amount of emphasis by contour and highlight.

My goal was not ake her look made up, I wanted her to look as natural as possible. And I'm glad I achieved it. :) She was ready to go on her date right after the class. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Good job! And yes she looks like Krista R. :)

  2. I'm always amazed at how you makeup gurus do it!:) Great job. :)

  3. @teeyah Thanks :) She does doesn't she? hehe

    @Soapaholic Oh no, im no guru, RB up there is the guru hehe :)

  4. great work! I love contouring to be honest! that's my favorite part in makeup application!

  5. After scrolling down a bit, yeah, correct! Kamukha ng friend mo si Krista Ranillo! hehehe... more make up samples from you pretty Caby!

  6. she does look like krista..is that a good thing? hehehe

  7. @Nikki Me too same tayo :)

    @Cinderella She does diba? hehe thanks so much :)

    @miemiemie Haha i don't know din hehe

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