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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Styli Style + Accessories + Clothes Haul + FOTD

Hey Girls, today I'll be doing a haul post from my recent purchases. If you remember from a few months back, I made an entry about Styli Style liners and how awesome they were. I had bought those for PHP400+ each at Beauty Bar and now I found out that these were selling on ebay at PHP60 - PHP75 each!!! So here's my Styli Style Haul from MEG, an awesome seller from Ebay. :)

Styli Style Brow Liner in Esspresso
Styli Style Flat Lip Liner in Nude
Styli Style Flat Liner in Soho
Stylu Style Flat Liner in Hamptons
Styli Style Flat Liner in Midtown
Styli Style Flat Liner in Marbella

Meg is so nice she gave me a Creme Eye Trio as a freebie. :) So Sweet. :)

Review and swatch of each liner to follow. :)

Today I also received my Young Hollywood inspired bracelet from Aika. :) It is so beautiful I can't wait to sport it. :)

Moving on to other items, I was at my favorite Department Store: SM earlier today to do a little shopping. Here are the things I bought:

2 headbands with funky designs that can pass as statement pieces :)

Leopard print cotton bubble dress

Cotton vest with Stud design

Jersey Cotton top with zipper sleeve detail

There were so much more clothes I wanted to buy at SM but I had to stop myself since I plan to go clothes and accessory shopping in Singapore since I'll be there next week. SM has the most wicked clothing ever. I hardly go clothes shopping but I like being a little fashionista with classic pieces. I'm more of an accessories girl hence the bling bling head bands. I am into statement pieces and I am hard to please when it comes to clothing. I want each piece of clothing to be a statement piece on its own. But SM is an exception when it comes to clothing. I loveeee their clothes because they are so funky! Oh and don't forget about their shoes! They have such affordable funky shoes too! :) I am a certified SM Department store fan hehe. :)

Just to end my post, here's my FOTD doing the Prime Look that we did during makeup class last Saturday. I basically used the same products as my model Kathy except the different color of Graftobian Foundation. :)

Toodles! :)

P.S my Schedule will be crazy starting Thursday, I do hope to find time to blog within those days!


  1. i love love love all the pieces!!! :D we share the same views on clothes, shoes and accessories! :D

  2. I love the leopard print bubble dress! so cute

  3. @Geli Thanks, SM is awesome!

    @Superficialgirl Me too, I grabbed it right away when I saw it hehe

  4. Don't bring/wear the leopard print dress here! I have the exact same one! =P Hahaha!

  5. @anna oh shucks sayang get up. just dont wear it while im there.

  6. im soooo getting a leopard print dress!

  7. the accessories are sooo nice! looking gorgeous btw!
    Michelle x

  8. @mrs jack sparrow go get before they run out :)

    @hkmichelley Thanks so much :)

  9. crazy naman super yung price sa Beauty bar! Glad you finally bought on ebay and cheaper! :)

    thanks for sharing your hauls!!!

  10. weee thanks sis :D love the leopard dress :D

    and the headband :D yung isa meron ako :D

  11. wow Styli-style is getting popular! i'd love to try their products. Exagg naman yung Beauty bar sa prices nila! love the leopard dress!

  12. i hadn't heard much about styli-style before until i noticed it at my drugstore the other day and tried out their eyeliner. they are superb for their price! definitely comparable to higher end ones :D xx

  13. @Nikki that's why nag haul ulit ako when I saw the ebay prices hehe :)

    @Aika i love your bracelet super! :)

    @khymm ganda talaga styli style and yeah dont buy sa beauty bar super rip off.

    @Anita They really stay long and are waterproof :)

  14. I heard a lot of good stuff about those styli style liners. Didn't know that Beauty Bar overpriced it. Tsk-tsk. I love by the way your new clothes. I agree, clothes at sm dept store are so stylish yet cheap.

    Lots of love,

  15. I heard good feedback about Styli Style Eyeliners. Is it pigmented? ^_^. I'm so careful na in buying eyeliners, I bought Nyx Eyeliners and I hate it hehe ^_^

  16. @Golden Love SM :)

    @twinsouls88 Tes they are pigmented :)

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