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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines means Red Lips!

Who will deny that the color most associated with Valentines is Red? Red is a color so vibrant which depict emotions as love, passion and sexy! But honestly, it was never really a color that I favored and sported, especially when it comes to make up.

I have never worn red lipstick until the other day. In the spirit of Valentines, I decided to sport red lips. The occasion? My friend's birthday celebration and gathering with friends. :) Too bad I had no Valentines plans since the other half is still in SFO and comes home next month. But it's all good. :)

Anyway, without further a do. I present to you, my red lipstick moment:

It's not so much seen in the photos but my lips were red-er in person. I must say, red lips sort of gives you a confidence boost. I'm definitely sporting red lips again soon. :)

Anyway here's the products used on my face:
RCMA Foundation
RCMA Invisible Powder
Ben Nye Concealer
Ben Nye Banana Visage Poudre
NARS Casino Bronzer
MAC Sun basque Blush
In2It Brow Powder

MAC Paint pot in Soft Ochre
MAC Photo realism quad e/s
Stila Smudgepot in Black
Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara
Face Shop Falsies

32 Lip Palette Red Color

How did you guys spend your valentines? :)

Toodles! :)

P.S I'll be flying out to SIngapore tomorrow, i'll be there for 5 days. I can't wait to go shopping at Sephora and SASA!!!! :)


  1. singapore? Enjoy!!!! more shopping!!!!
    Your photo is pretty! it doesn't look really red on photos though but I know what you mean how it looks in person! you look gorgeous nevertheless :)

    have a safe trip!

  2. @Bea Thanks :)

    @Nikki I can't wait to shop!! Thanks so much :) Will definitely blog about my loot :)

  3. hello caby. you look gorgeous in your valentines fotd.

  4. @aika Thanks :)

    @Girl with Glasses Thank you so much :)

  5. You may not like red lipstick but it looks good on you. ^_^. Really sexy hehe.

    We have something in common bout Skin MD, it's a lotion but it's the gentlest moisturizer for me ^_^

  6. Love the look and the outfit! :)

  7. @twinsouls888 Thanks Im really liking how the red looks too. Skin MD is the best!!!!! :)

    @Charry Thanks so much :)

  8. hot hot hot!! you look great here sis! love everything!! :)

  9. Red lips are perfection!
    & you look so gorgeous with red lippies.
    Happy Belated Valentines <3

    my gosh woman. Im scrolling through your blog and your so talented. You can do my makeup anyday!! :)

    Jess Mai

  10. It looks great! You are totally rocking the red lips! And as a Singaporean, I hope your enjoy your time in Singapore :D

  11. @Shen Thanks so much!

    @Jessica Aww thanks so much :)

    @Musicalhouses I love SG I don;t want to go home!! :(

  12. You are super gorgeous, Caby! :)

  13. @teeyah thanks so much sweetie :)

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