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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Button Earrings

Aside from make up, another thing I enjoy is making my own accessories. I've made a couple of necklaces and earrings for my personal use. Just wanna share with everyone some button earrings I made last night. I'm really into button earrings and vintage-ish earrings. Nice ones are pretty hard to find therefore I made some. :)

I went on a search to look for very nice looking buttons to turn into earring and here's what I found. :)

Closer look of each

Ive made a couple of other button earrings a few weeks ago but can't find them. I really love button earrings coz they're classy looking because of its vintage-ish feel and at the same time very fashionable.

How about for everyone else? Aside from make up, what else tickles your fancy? :)

Toodles! :)


  1. @Charry thanks theyre my favorite accessory :)

  2. in my case i love dangling earrings!

    that's why i made it an exception when i did the project 10 pan..hehe

    your earrings look real great!

    i'm so sorry it's taking me a while to post a review on the brush, but im about to. this week, it'll be up.

    I just can't seem to be satisfy kasi how i do my post that's why.hehe..
    i have a high QA for my blog post e...

    will let you know as soon as it's up!

  3. @Thiamere I love both dangling and Button hehe

    and no problem sweetie it's okay. Just really happy you're happy with your brush :)

    At least its good to know you put a lot of content in your posts hehe

  4. I LOVE THESE!!! So cuute! They just look so classy and wow, I just love them :D
    I'm just as obsessed with crafts and making stuff (which includes baking!) as I am with makeup! I'm quite often making my own jewellery - usually earrings. :P And I always try to give people something handmade at christmas/birthdays (as well as buy them something because unfortunately they don't always appreciate the effort that goes into making stuff)
    Thinking that I might post some of the things I make on my blog sometime! :P

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