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Friday, July 30, 2010

Power Peel experience from Flawless

To have bright and radiant skin, being Flawless is key. We go through our own measures in taking care of our skin yet sometimes it is not enough. There are a lot of factors that causes our skin to break out, have uneven skin and lots more. Some of these factors are beyond our control such as environmental pollution and stress from work. Although there may be factors that we cannot control, we on the other hand can do our part by trying to live a healthier life and having a good skincare regimen. Part of the skincare regimen can and should include regular visits to a face and body clinic for cleaning and clearing those unwanted impacted dirt from our face and to get a little more.

During my college years, I had a bad case of acne that covered my entire face. The worst part is when acne subsided, I was left with dark scars and marks that were just an eye sore. To help clear my skin, I went through my regular facial cleaning and acne treatment, and once my acne was cleared I got myself a chemical peel. The whole process of the peel was dealt with discipline since I really peeled like crazy, had a bunch of derma products to use at specific times of the day for what lasted almost a month of peeling. All this and I couldn't go out under the sun. The result was though Flawless even blemish free and radiant skin. Throughout the years that followed I wanted to get another chemical peel but because of the attention needed and the time for all the meds, my time couldn't afford the high maintenance.

But that's all changed now because if you have no time for the high maintenance Chemical Peels demand, Flawless has something to offer; POWER PEEL. The POWER PEEL from Flawless is just what is best for me. It's what I'm looking for and need: Peeling, but does not demand the time and the maintenance after the visit to the clinic: product routines to follow for at least 2-4 weeks. Interesting eh? This is perfect for people always on the go like me. :)

In my recent visit to Flawless, I decided to avail of their Power Peel as this best suited what I needed. The procedure starts of with your regular facial (read about it here) and right after the pricking, the actual Power Peel is done.

Me right after pricking, just before undergoing the Power Peel

The Power Peel is conducted using a special machine that is used with a hand held device which is pressed and rubbed onto the skin. This hand held device emits crystals that help in removing dead skin cells and also is the one that aids the peeling.

The Machine Used

Hand held device

The hand held device also acts as a vacuum hence during the facial, there was no need to vacuum the dirt prior to pricking. Here's me during the Power Peel.

Allison my wonderful attendant started around my forehead area and moved her way down my face. Notice in this picture how little the crystals are at this time and only at my forehead area.

Power Peel through the cheek area, look at all those little crystals working to give you Flawless skin! :)

Allison concentrating around the nose area making sure that the peel is even throughout my face and also focusing on areas that need more attention. Look at all those crystals now all over my face! :)

Power Peel done now and Allison is brushing off the crystals using a big soft brush. Notice how from this photo alone, my cheek area is a little lighter and looks healthier from the light rosy-ness. :)

The Power Peel from Flawless is about 15-20 minutes. It is also painless, all you feel with the thousands of crystals rubbing on your face is kind of like having a very fine sand paper rubbing on your skin. Now that doesn't sound as bad as the actual feeling it is very tolerable and safe. Though it may seem that the crystals when rubbed all together may be scratchy for the skin, it absolutely is not because right after the treatment, my face didn't sting therefore there were no cuts. The thousands of crystals just work together taking off layers of dead skin to reveal your most youthful skin. :)

After the Power Peel a Multivitamins Serum is used as the last moisturiser. I super love this since the sudden shift in the feeling or having crystals scrub your face is refreshing when this mosturizer is put on your face. It's like the whip cream to your ice cream. The red bumps you see on my face is from the pricking of the facial and is not caused by the Power Peel. :)

Multivitamins Serum

The dirt out of my face from the pricking (ewww)

The Wonderful Flawless BF Branch where everyone was so friendly and attentive :) :)

Here's my bare face just right after the treatment:
Still bumpy and red from the pricking but aside from that my face felt smoother and fresh right after the Power Peel. :)

The Power Peel is really perfect for those who want to get peels but don't have to think about applying any medicines for the face after. You peel only then and there. No painful skin shedding! For only PHP2000 per session this is best to get at least every 3 weeks. If done continuously with regular facials, you are bound to get Flawless skin. :)

Flawless is really your one stop shop in skincare and making you more beautiful. I'd like to think of Flawless not just as a Face and Body Clinic but more as a partner in helping you achieve your healthier lifestyle. We all want to look beautiful, and remaining beautiful is inspiration enough to keep coming back to Flawless. With their affordable prices, Flawless really brings beauty withing everybody's reach. Anyone can be more beautiful! Let Flawless be your partner in that. :)

Out of all my recent visits to Flawless, what I love about them is the extra mile they go to really make you feel pampered. The hand and shoulder massages, the hand heat packs which I absolutely love and gentle care they have when holding your face. Even If I had experienced those the last I visited, I love getting surprised still with these pamper treats. :) This is their cherry on top, the little ways that make you feel more pampered and special. :)

Drop by the nearest Flawless branch to help you get started on your way to achieving Flawless skin. :)

For more information about Flawless, add them on Facebook Page:


Toodles! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

MissKC027 contest entry for July

Hey Girls, Kim of MissKC027.blogspot.com is having a wonderful contest for July and is giving away the following:

Prizes include:
MAC Stereo Rose MSF
MAC Jazzed Lipstick
MAC All Styled Up Lipstick
MAC On The Scene Cremesheen Glass

The rules are simple:

- need to be a follower
-comment below as many times as you want
- post your answers on your blog and put the photo of the prizes at the side of your blog. and title it as MissKC027 contest entry for July.
-winner will be chosen by me, and this contest will end July 31

-here are the questions:
1. What is make-up for you?
2. What is your makeup routine?

Simple right? Click HERE to join! :)

My answers to the contest questions:

1. What is make-up for you?
- Make-up are tools that is used to enhance ones natural features. It shouldn't conceal someone, it should bring out their beauty.

2. What is your makeup routine?
- My makeup routine after my cleanse, tone, moisturize is cream foundation, setting powder, contour and blush, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. On days when I don't need that much coverage I skip the cream foundation and replace it with powder foundation.

Head on HERE to join the contest now! :)

Toodles! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beauty Feature in CHALK Magazine August 2010 Issue

Hi girls, if you know me personally Hyper would be one of the words you would probably use to describe me. Now I am more than Hyper and excitement than ever. Why? Because Chalk Magazine's 10th year anniversary issue (August 2010) is now out! I'm excited because this issue features moi yours truly and Maui in their Beauty pages. :)

Me and Maui did make up for 2 real girls who both go to school talking about how their beauty and fashion has evolved in the last 10 years. :) We really had fun during the shoot and now I'm super happy its out. :)

Here it is:

I did Lexi's (left) makeup while Maui did Honey's (right)

Lexi's page with little me in it hehe :)

Closer look

That's me! big cheeks how embarrassing haha

Here's Honey's page with Maui hehe :)

I had so much fun doing this and would like to express my gratitude for this wonderful opportunity. These things are what makes hard work really pay off. :) When I decided to pursue make up, it has been nothing but blessings. Thank you. :)

The wonderful shots were taken by Chad Tyler Meadows, Hair was by Jay Wee. :)

Super Duper thank you to Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro CHALK's Beauty Editor and RB Chanco my mentor. :)

This issue is in stands now so don't forget to grab a copy with gorgeous Kim Chiu on the cover. :)

Toodles! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

FOTD mood :)

To liven up my mood, I decided to play around with make up for no reason. It has been a while since I did this so yes it did make me happy. :) I decided to play around with purples for this FOTD but ended up adding some blues and black. Here it is. :)

I found out that taking a picture in front of my lighted train case is god send since the light that comes from the train case is amazing. The pictures I took did not need any flash whatsoever. So I can say I now know where to take vanity pics of myself hehe. :)

A closer look at the eye make up:

For the eyes instead of using a black liner for the lower waterline, to open up my eyes more I used white liner instead. :)

What I Used:

RCMA CP Foundation
Ben Nye Banana Poudre
Graftobian Pro Powder Foundation for setting and contour
Nichido Peachy Glow Blush

Estee Lauder Palette Eye Shadow for the Purple and Blue
MAC Love Lace
MAC Carbon
MAC Liquid Liner
Prestige total intensity liner for upper waterline
White Eye Liner
Ardell Brow Gel
Fanny Serrano Brow Powder
MAC Browset Girlboy
Max Factor False Lash Effect

Since I had so much fun taking vain pictures of myself in front of my lighted train case, here's one for the road. hehe

Toodles! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The rave about the MAC 109

I have been contemplating for quite some time on purchasing this brush mainly because of its price. Out of all my brushes, this is only my second MAC brush. I couldn't bear thinking on spending a lot of money for a brush that a lot of brands also offer. But the MAC 109 proved to be different. From all the endless nights on watching youtube videos, watching reviews and sleepless nights (Yes, I get sleepless thinking about make up haha) I decided to give in. There is no other brand with a brush like this anywhere else just the real deal; MAC 109.

When I finally decided that I would spend for this brush, getting the brush was a whole different story. The 4 branches of MAC in Manila was out of stock. Everyone wanted it and there just isn't enough for everyone. Me hearing stories about how they just bought the last piece in the store were like stories of a miracle that just happened (LOL). Eveytime I took random trips to MAC they were as usual out of stock with the MAC 109. Mostly, it was a relief since it meant not having to spend PHP2000+++ on a brush then and there. Then one day, a friend told me she was selling a MAC 109 since she had an extra one unused and brand spankin new! And so without hesitation, i told her yes, definitely, oui, si, oo I will get it. And since we don't see each other often and the 2-3 times we did see each other she forgot the brush, Yesterday finally she brought it, and I finally got my hands on the MAC 109.

The brush itself looks distinctively MAC. But after analyzing the brush in the attempts in figuring out how and why it is raved about I saw that the ferrule and the brush is round unlike other brushes whose ferrule's have a pinch. Because of the roundness its giving the brush bristles its perfect spherical shape. A mini mini kabuki on a stick is how others would like to describe it.

The MAC 109 has many uses, from contouring, highlighting, powder to applying foundation. The versatility of this brush is one of the main reasons why it is a raved product, but amongst all its uses about 80% like for applying foundation. So excited me, when I got my MAC 109 I immediately put it to the test. What I used:

MAC Studio Sculpt in NC40
MAC 109 Brush
Mixing Palette

First, I put a pea sized amount of foundation on to the mixing palette, I used a mixing palette instead of the back of my hands since I needed a flat surface and so that no product is wasted and absorbs by my hand instead of my face.

When I deposited the product I made sure to lay it flat, sort of spreading it already. I did this so that When I stipple the brush on to the product it would pick up even amounts all over the brush.

Next I lightly stippled the MAC 109 on to the product.

This is what it looks like when the MAC 109 picked up the foundation. This is enough to apply all over the face, re apply when you need more coverage, but never apply more than that on the first application.

Here's my bare face, I have a couple of pimple marks and uneven areas on my face.

Then I used the MAC 109 to apply the MAC Studio Sculpt in a swirling motion to achieve flawless even coverage that isn't too thick and heavy. It's quick and simple to do too! :)

My Face with MAC Studio Sculpt applied with MAC 109 Brush, More even color but not fake looking.

Next with the MAC 109 brush still, I dabbed the brush on a little powder and buffed it lightly in a swirling motion to set the foundation.

My Face with Mac Studio Sculpt and Powder both applied with the MAC 109 Brush, even canvas but still very natural.

Overall, this brush is really worth every penny mostly because of its versatility. It definitely is worth raving and deserves a slot in my tool belt (that means I have to let one brush rest) since I know I would extensively use this. Yes, the brush does shed, but what brush doesn't right? even brushes aren't perfect haha and those hairs don't grow on the handles. But with proper care and cleaning, extensive shedding can be avoided.

The only con I can think about is the price, PHP2000++ is a lot of money for 1 brush, but If you do decide to get one, it really is worth it. :) And the other con I see is the availability, Manila has a scarcity of the MAC 109 brush. Hehe

Toodles! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First attempt at my own face chart = Fail!

Okay, so i was bored and decided to make my own face chart. I thought to myself how hard could it be as a make up artist, putting it down on paper should be no different.

Well lets just say, I didn't have beginners luck for this one. Haha. Getting the colors or the paper was pretty hard and the blending was harder. Also, the colors look different on paper than on skin so uhhh, I failed on that part too. Not to mention the eye brows, couldn't get them to be the same. Hahaha Anyway, aside from all this, it was still pretty fun. Will definitely make more soon, but for this first time, I will consider it fail. Hehe

Haha I need to work on being neat, the paper is so dirty! haha

Lipstick when used is a light peach color, on paper its almost red!! haha

I hope my next face chart is way better than this. :)

Toodles! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beauty & Butter Hand and Foot Paraffin + Official Launch

To relieve my tired hands and feet from standing long hours during make up gigs, I decided to get a hand and foot paraffin + Manicure and Pedicure at my favorite pamper place: Beauty & Butter! :)

The hand and foot paraffin is the perfect treatment to relax those tired hands and feet. The friendly buttercups begin with cleansing both hands and feet then use a scrub that take out some dead skin. After this, the actual dipping in the paraffin wax happens.

My Foot initially dipped

Fully Dipped

On to my hands, Beauty and Butter uses a different colored paraffin for the hands and feet. For the feet they used a greenish-clear color while for the hands they used a white paraffin color. :)

About to be dipped :)

Fully Dipped :)

Both hands and feet were dipped at least 3-4 times each in 3 second intervals. Each dip lasted at least 1 second. The immediate heat felt from the dip in the paraffin was love. My hands and feet felt so relaxed as each dip happened. I wouldn't say that the heat is unbearable because the temperatures were just right to make sure no burns happen. :)

After the dips, both hands and feet are wrapped in plastic then rested inside towel pouches for a good 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, the wax is peeled of and immediately I felt how smooth both my hands and feet were! :)

It felt as if I had been using moisturizer 20 times for that day alone. They were that soft. My hands and feet looked so healthy. :)

Immediately after, I got a regular manicure and pedicure and chose a vampy red color. :) I love Beauty & Butter nail polishes, they last a good 2 weeks for me. If you look at the pictures above, that was what I had first done at Beauty and Butter and it lasted that long. :)


Later in the evening, Beauty and Butter had their official launch at the Mega Atrium. There were lots of food, press and happy guests as celebrities like Richard Guttierez, Alyssa Alano and Fabio Ide graced the event with their presence. Beauty and Butter endorser Pop Girls also sang a few songs. :) Congratulations Beauty and Butter! :)

The brains behind Beauty & Butter Mikael Coyiuto

Host Raya Mananquil and Guest Richard Guttierez

Energetic Pop Girls as they sang and dance for the guests

During the entire event, models went around with the Beauty & Butter products in a vest for people to freely try.

Beauty & Butter really is a one stop shop from face to nails to hair removal solutions, this place is so hip and complete it can cater to everybody. I cannot wait to try more of their wonderful services. :)

Beauty & Butter is located at:
* 2/F SM San Lazaro
* 2/F Entertainment Wing, MOA
* 5/F Megamall Atrium

Toodles! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


When my brother recently had a vacation in Bangkok, he asked me what I wanted. Since there was nothing particular in mind I just told him to get me anything skincare. Hehe So he ended up getting me the L'Oreal Hydrafresh Moisturizer.

L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Hydrafresh

What they say: Everyday the skin loses hydration, minerals and essential vitamins. When dehydrated, the skin is more tired-looking and less resilient. Consequently, the skin appears less radiant, its surface dry and rough.

INNOVATION: The L'Oreal Laboratories creates HYDRAFRESH ACTIVE DAY MOISTURISER, designed for 24 hour hydration. The melting formula contaons essential minerals - calcium and magnesium - and Vitamins C,E and B5. It provides an ideal dose of moisture to leave skin feeling perfectly hydrated, fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

ACTION: HYDRAFRESH ACTIVE DAY helps maintain an optimum level of water in the skin by locking in hydration. The vitamin-mineral formula intensely moisturises, refreshes and reinvigorates the skin.

It comes with another cap inside aside from the lid which I really like since you don't experience opening moisturisers to find only 30% of the contents at the back of the lid. Isn't that such a waste? In this case, I use a clean spatula to get the product to avoid contamination.

The moisturiser feels really light and is in a gel formula. I love this type of formula because it feels so light, moisturised and breathable.

Texture: The melting cream texture with its refreshing fragrance is a pleasure to apply. Non-greasy, it instantly sinks into your skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth.

I totally agree with the product's description with the texture. This is what sold me, and the refreshing fragrance smells really really nice!

HYDRAFRESH totally bended in my skin

I love how this product keeps my skin so fresh and moisturised without it feeling heavy and oily. I already have crazy oily skin and the last thing I need is to have my moisturizer really heavy and cause more oil. I don't want to now wear moisturiser so I'm glad my brother got me this. :)

I just don't know if this variant is available in the Philippine market and if so, I'm not too sure on the price range too. Do you guys know if this is available in The Philippines? :)

Toodles! :)