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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mascara Shopping

July 14, 2010 the day 80% of Metro Manila still experiencing blackout due to "Basyang". I hardly slept due to the strong winds scary and never ending. I felt as if our roof was about to give. I eventually fell asleep and woke up to a tree that fell and missed my car by --------- much literally. After trying to get more sleep, me and mom decided to go to the mall after running some errands.

I decided to go Mascara shopping since I'm kind of obsessed with Mascara now. Hehe

I ended up with these two:

Max Factor False Lash Effect
Maybeline Magnum Volum Express

The Max Factor intrigued me well enough to purchase it and the Maybeline, well I really love that Mascara so I just had to get one. :)

The damage?

Max Factor False lash Effect: PHP695
Maybeline Magnum Volum: PHP429

Reviews to follow! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Oh dear! Glad that you're alright!
    Hopefully things will get better :)

    And I love the Maybelline mascara! But it kinda went bad before I can use it up, LOL.
    Lately, I haven't been using a lot of makeup.

  2. Can't wait for your review on the MAx factor one, never tried their mascaras. I LOVE the Maybelline Magnum!!!!!

  3. @~Lisa Love the maybeline mascras, too bad not a lot of variants are out here in the market. I wanna try so much more.

    @nikki Will be up soon!! :)

  4. i hope everything there is good. i heard that the storm was really bad. my aunt had experienced it pretty bad and her home was flooded. good thing your car wasn't damaged. as far as the mascaras im yet to try those i probably should i saw "false lash effect" and im totally sold.. i definitely should get me it (:

  5. hey twin, hope u guys are alryt... will wait for ur review regarding the max factor... im using the Maybelline ryt naw...

  6. @Dirt on the rocks yes thank god everything here is okay. The storm was unexpectedly that strong so no one was prepared really. You should try the mascaras theyre great! :)

    @Chezca It should be up by tomorrow. Regards to everyone there :)

  7. Can't wait for the reviews! :)

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