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Monday, July 5, 2010

Avon Smooth Minerals Eye Shadow Duo

Don't you just love taking a second look at various products you have but thought was useless? It's just like finding treasure. :) One product that I always over look in my train case is this Avon Smooth Mineral Eye Shadow duo. It is a loose mineral eye shadow duo conveniently and neatly packaged together.

For anti spill and mess, each side has its own sifter and cover so that the 2 loose eye shadows do not mix. :)

This is what the packaging looks like when you take out the sifter. Clearly shown is the divider separating the 2 eye shadows. :) Looks at those colors, aren't they lovely? :)

Swatch of the eye shadows, the one on the left is a sort of pink + lavender color while the one on the right is a deep purple color. :)

These colors are so pretty I'm glad I took a second look at the product. Now I really can't wait to use it. :)

I also want to check out other colors Avon has for this line since this looks very promising. :) I'm just not too sure if they have this locally available.

Huurraayy to old discoveries! :)

Toodles! :)


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  2. Eyeshadow duo is the best! I love duos because it's easy, no need to mix and match, no need to think early in the morning :D

  3. What gorgeous colours.
    I could only imagine the treasures i would find buried at the bottom of my makeup box :)
    They are gorgeous shades, and what a brilliant idea to ahve them seperated with their own sifters.
    AVON have some great buys!!
    Thanks for sharing your discovery♥

  4. Looks nice for a natural look. =) Post photos when you use it na.

    Thanks for visiting Zync, Caby. It was nice to finally meet you! Sorry nahiya ko, feeling ko I smell like kebab because I was in the kitchen eh. =P

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