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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beauty & Butter Hand and Foot Paraffin + Official Launch

To relieve my tired hands and feet from standing long hours during make up gigs, I decided to get a hand and foot paraffin + Manicure and Pedicure at my favorite pamper place: Beauty & Butter! :)

The hand and foot paraffin is the perfect treatment to relax those tired hands and feet. The friendly buttercups begin with cleansing both hands and feet then use a scrub that take out some dead skin. After this, the actual dipping in the paraffin wax happens.

My Foot initially dipped

Fully Dipped

On to my hands, Beauty and Butter uses a different colored paraffin for the hands and feet. For the feet they used a greenish-clear color while for the hands they used a white paraffin color. :)

About to be dipped :)

Fully Dipped :)

Both hands and feet were dipped at least 3-4 times each in 3 second intervals. Each dip lasted at least 1 second. The immediate heat felt from the dip in the paraffin was love. My hands and feet felt so relaxed as each dip happened. I wouldn't say that the heat is unbearable because the temperatures were just right to make sure no burns happen. :)

After the dips, both hands and feet are wrapped in plastic then rested inside towel pouches for a good 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, the wax is peeled of and immediately I felt how smooth both my hands and feet were! :)

It felt as if I had been using moisturizer 20 times for that day alone. They were that soft. My hands and feet looked so healthy. :)

Immediately after, I got a regular manicure and pedicure and chose a vampy red color. :) I love Beauty & Butter nail polishes, they last a good 2 weeks for me. If you look at the pictures above, that was what I had first done at Beauty and Butter and it lasted that long. :)


Later in the evening, Beauty and Butter had their official launch at the Mega Atrium. There were lots of food, press and happy guests as celebrities like Richard Guttierez, Alyssa Alano and Fabio Ide graced the event with their presence. Beauty and Butter endorser Pop Girls also sang a few songs. :) Congratulations Beauty and Butter! :)

The brains behind Beauty & Butter Mikael Coyiuto

Host Raya Mananquil and Guest Richard Guttierez

Energetic Pop Girls as they sang and dance for the guests

During the entire event, models went around with the Beauty & Butter products in a vest for people to freely try.

Beauty & Butter really is a one stop shop from face to nails to hair removal solutions, this place is so hip and complete it can cater to everybody. I cannot wait to try more of their wonderful services. :)

Beauty & Butter is located at:
* 2/F SM San Lazaro
* 2/F Entertainment Wing, MOA
* 5/F Megamall Atrium

Toodles! :)


  1. wish they had one in makati :(

  2. WOW what an awesom way to get pampered.
    I love paraffin wax, leaves your hands and feet feeling silky smooth :)

    The one i use has a floral fragrance.

    Great post
    ♥ Bev

  3. I want to be pampered now!!

    And those models with the vest is quite funny!
    "I'll just grab at your chest for a hand lotion" XDD


  4. @mia oh you should go to the one in MOA since its closer to makati :)

    @bev yes they do leave you hands and feet super soft :)

    @~lisa haha its was cute actually :)

  5. i want to try that sometime too!

  6. @Crystal yes you should :)

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