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Friday, July 16, 2010

Max Factor False lash Effect Mascara

Since I have been recently obsessed with Mascaras and making eyes bigger, I recently added to my collection my first ever Max Factor Mascara product.

When I was in the department store jumping from one brand to the other looking for the perfect mascara, the Max Factor stand always draws my eyes. I always had the idea that Max Factor makes good Mascaras but I also always thought the price was just too much for me. But in this visit, I took time and went through their Mascara choices.

Out of all their variants, the "False Lash Effect" really intrigued me. Since I want fuller and longer lashes this was a big big plus. But it was crazy expensive at PHP695. So i looked around other stand and thought over it and went back to Max Factor and bought it. Since I didn't want to test the Mascara in the store (Hello Bacteria and Contamination!) I was seriously wishing and telling myself that it better work. Hehe

Of all Max Factor Mascaras this claims to have the fattest wand. The bristles are made of plastic and have uneven lengths. So what can i say about the Mascara? Is it worth it? :)

Tell me what you think:

Cured lashes WITHOUT mascara


So was it worth it? In my opinion YES. My lashes are now fatter and a little longer. It is also good in keeping up the curl which is a big big plus for me. I have experienced in other mascaras bringing down the curl of the lashes once applied. And this one is a no fail! It doesn't clump too! :)

The only thing I have to say about it is since the bristles are made out of plastic, tendency with plastic bristles is that the mascara is applied wet, but the mascara dries eventually after a while. So you just have t be careful and check that not too much product is on the wand because if so, you will have very wet looking lashes that have clumped. But otherwise if you are careful with the application it should pose no problem. :)

I give this Max Factor False lash Effect Mascara 2 thumbs up! :)

Looks like I found my staple Mascara product for now. What do you think? :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Love the "fat lashes" description. I've always been a Maybelline mascara loyalist, but this review convinces me to try MF! - Trace

  2. this is the mascara i've been using for a long time now! =)
    it works really well. the only con in my opinion is that teeny tiny flakes of mascara fall into my eyes which can be a bit annoying especially because i wear prescription contacts.

  3. Carla I've also tried this. It is really one of the best mascaras by far. =) And its power-waterproofed! =)

  4. @Trace you should try it :)

    @Mikki Aragon aww i dont have the tiny flakes experience but it is might waterproof hehe

    @koko Yes it is super!

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