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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RF Treatment from Flawless

n the quest for better looking skin, I re-visited The Flawless clinic in Megamall to try out another treatment for my face. Since the last time I tried their Whitening Facial, this time I decided to skip the regular facial and go for something more.

During this visit, I decided to try their RF treatment for the face. RF or Radio Frequency treatment uses a machine and a hand held device, which rolls over and massages the desired area of the face and or body. The treatment aims to make the desired area more supple, more smooth, more youthful and more definition with prolong and constant use.

So I decided to try this treatment for my face. So I was brought to a private room for the treatment.

Private Room

RF Machine

The treatment was pretty fast, only lasting about 20 minutes. A gel is applied on the face which would help the massaging of the hand held device of the machine more smoother and easier to maneuver. Also, one thing you should know about this treatment is, the massaging over the face gets warm. The actual device is what is warm, so the attendant gave me a button to hold and press anytime I couldn’t take the heat anymore. But luckily the heat was tolerable and actually very very relaxing.

After the treatment which lasted about 20 minutes, the excess gel was wiped off my face and neck. Initially, I felt my skin more supple and tight to the touch. My cheeks felt more firm and the feeling was really fresh. The only thing was, since you cant wash your face and wear any make up for 24 hours, the remnants of the gel applied on the face easily gets oily. But the solution to that is just tap your face with tissue every now and then. No biggie.

My bare face after the procedure

As advised by the attendant, this procedure will yield the best results when done at least once a week. The price range for RF treatments range from PHP3000 and above per session depending on the body area of treatment. So for those who can afford RF treatment, it is a great way in achieving healthy young supple skin that is pain free fast and non invasive. :)

Visit your nearest Flawless Clinic for more information. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. yowzah! expensive, maybe when I get rich ill treat myself nd you to those every week ahaha!

  2. @Maui Yessir but definitely worth it! :)

  3. I wanted to go to Flawless when I was back home earlier this year...but I got sidetracked and went to the one opposite that salon in Filinvest. We should go together.

    October baby!!!

  4. @Lev yes we shall go!!!! :)

  5. Im using a handheld debice from u.s. which is way more advanced and only costs around 300/ treatment if you own the machine. It really firmed my skin on my face and made it glowing and youthful. Plus i can do it anytime im free. It only lasts for 5 minutes.

    1. Can I ask how you use your machine? How how often? I have 3 settings.L-M-and H. Not sure if I should use creams or gels. I just got the machine. Not real sure what to do with it. Took a chance and bought one from china. It's a monopolar device. No proper instructions!

  6. *device...b and v are beside each other on the keypad.hehe

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