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Thursday, July 22, 2010

First attempt at my own face chart = Fail!

Okay, so i was bored and decided to make my own face chart. I thought to myself how hard could it be as a make up artist, putting it down on paper should be no different.

Well lets just say, I didn't have beginners luck for this one. Haha. Getting the colors or the paper was pretty hard and the blending was harder. Also, the colors look different on paper than on skin so uhhh, I failed on that part too. Not to mention the eye brows, couldn't get them to be the same. Hahaha Anyway, aside from all this, it was still pretty fun. Will definitely make more soon, but for this first time, I will consider it fail. Hehe

Haha I need to work on being neat, the paper is so dirty! haha

Lipstick when used is a light peach color, on paper its almost red!! haha

I hope my next face chart is way better than this. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. aww it's not a fail! it looks good :))

  2. it's still ok for a first timer :) And it has to do with the paper din! :) So keep on trying!!!

  3. Are you kidding me?! I think for a first timer, this is realy great! Goodluck on your next ones! =) Love the lips!

  4. Thanks guys I'll really try better next time with the right paper haha

  5. It looks fun though. :)

    Lots of love,

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