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Monday, July 26, 2010

FOTD mood :)

To liven up my mood, I decided to play around with make up for no reason. It has been a while since I did this so yes it did make me happy. :) I decided to play around with purples for this FOTD but ended up adding some blues and black. Here it is. :)

I found out that taking a picture in front of my lighted train case is god send since the light that comes from the train case is amazing. The pictures I took did not need any flash whatsoever. So I can say I now know where to take vanity pics of myself hehe. :)

A closer look at the eye make up:

For the eyes instead of using a black liner for the lower waterline, to open up my eyes more I used white liner instead. :)

What I Used:

RCMA CP Foundation
Ben Nye Banana Poudre
Graftobian Pro Powder Foundation for setting and contour
Nichido Peachy Glow Blush

Estee Lauder Palette Eye Shadow for the Purple and Blue
MAC Love Lace
MAC Carbon
MAC Liquid Liner
Prestige total intensity liner for upper waterline
White Eye Liner
Ardell Brow Gel
Fanny Serrano Brow Powder
MAC Browset Girlboy
Max Factor False Lash Effect

Since I had so much fun taking vain pictures of myself in front of my lighted train case, here's one for the road. hehe

Toodles! :)


  1. What lipstick did you use, Caby? It's pretty. :P

  2. @Pammy oh shucks I forgot to write it, anyway its:

    Styli Style Lip Liner in Nude
    NYX Lipstick in Louisiana
    NYX Megashine lipgloss in Dolly Pink

    Thanks :)

  3. I loooove it! You are gorgeous and love the lighting. Playing with makeup makes me happy too :)

  4. Ganda ng lippie on you :) Gorgeous look! Morning Caby!

  5. bagay ang combo ng lousianna and dolly pink sayo!! you look like a bit of Marian Rivera =)

  6. Agree with Sol, you really look like Marian Rivera! Tagal ko na napansin yun. =P Nice lip color, and the effect of the light is super nice nga. =)

  7. I love this look! So fierce :)

  8. your pictures are stunning! :)
    The lighting is indeed, really good!

  9. @Becky Thank you! :)

    @NikkiThanks Nikki, I find that stacking different lipsticks work better for me :)

    @Sol nyehh i don't look like her without make up hahahaha

  10. @Laneige Couture thanks :)

    @Dang Thanks its the lights hahaha

    @Teeyah thank you minsan lang maging fierce haha

  11. @Kay thank you sulit ang ilaw hehe

  12. lighted traincase~ love :D

    you look stunning! :D

  13. love the look! new follower =)

    check out my blog @ beneaththesunn.blogspot.com

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