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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The rave about the MAC 109

I have been contemplating for quite some time on purchasing this brush mainly because of its price. Out of all my brushes, this is only my second MAC brush. I couldn't bear thinking on spending a lot of money for a brush that a lot of brands also offer. But the MAC 109 proved to be different. From all the endless nights on watching youtube videos, watching reviews and sleepless nights (Yes, I get sleepless thinking about make up haha) I decided to give in. There is no other brand with a brush like this anywhere else just the real deal; MAC 109.

When I finally decided that I would spend for this brush, getting the brush was a whole different story. The 4 branches of MAC in Manila was out of stock. Everyone wanted it and there just isn't enough for everyone. Me hearing stories about how they just bought the last piece in the store were like stories of a miracle that just happened (LOL). Eveytime I took random trips to MAC they were as usual out of stock with the MAC 109. Mostly, it was a relief since it meant not having to spend PHP2000+++ on a brush then and there. Then one day, a friend told me she was selling a MAC 109 since she had an extra one unused and brand spankin new! And so without hesitation, i told her yes, definitely, oui, si, oo I will get it. And since we don't see each other often and the 2-3 times we did see each other she forgot the brush, Yesterday finally she brought it, and I finally got my hands on the MAC 109.

The brush itself looks distinctively MAC. But after analyzing the brush in the attempts in figuring out how and why it is raved about I saw that the ferrule and the brush is round unlike other brushes whose ferrule's have a pinch. Because of the roundness its giving the brush bristles its perfect spherical shape. A mini mini kabuki on a stick is how others would like to describe it.

The MAC 109 has many uses, from contouring, highlighting, powder to applying foundation. The versatility of this brush is one of the main reasons why it is a raved product, but amongst all its uses about 80% like for applying foundation. So excited me, when I got my MAC 109 I immediately put it to the test. What I used:

MAC Studio Sculpt in NC40
MAC 109 Brush
Mixing Palette

First, I put a pea sized amount of foundation on to the mixing palette, I used a mixing palette instead of the back of my hands since I needed a flat surface and so that no product is wasted and absorbs by my hand instead of my face.

When I deposited the product I made sure to lay it flat, sort of spreading it already. I did this so that When I stipple the brush on to the product it would pick up even amounts all over the brush.

Next I lightly stippled the MAC 109 on to the product.

This is what it looks like when the MAC 109 picked up the foundation. This is enough to apply all over the face, re apply when you need more coverage, but never apply more than that on the first application.

Here's my bare face, I have a couple of pimple marks and uneven areas on my face.

Then I used the MAC 109 to apply the MAC Studio Sculpt in a swirling motion to achieve flawless even coverage that isn't too thick and heavy. It's quick and simple to do too! :)

My Face with MAC Studio Sculpt applied with MAC 109 Brush, More even color but not fake looking.

Next with the MAC 109 brush still, I dabbed the brush on a little powder and buffed it lightly in a swirling motion to set the foundation.

My Face with Mac Studio Sculpt and Powder both applied with the MAC 109 Brush, even canvas but still very natural.

Overall, this brush is really worth every penny mostly because of its versatility. It definitely is worth raving and deserves a slot in my tool belt (that means I have to let one brush rest) since I know I would extensively use this. Yes, the brush does shed, but what brush doesn't right? even brushes aren't perfect haha and those hairs don't grow on the handles. But with proper care and cleaning, extensive shedding can be avoided.

The only con I can think about is the price, PHP2000++ is a lot of money for 1 brush, but If you do decide to get one, it really is worth it. :) And the other con I see is the availability, Manila has a scarcity of the MAC 109 brush. Hehe

Toodles! :)


  1. i do think brushes are kinda overpriced nowadays >.< but there really is a big difference between a cheap one and an expensive one! but i normally buy some good and some normal ones, coz i believe in changing my brushes often due to accumulated dirt (only the good ones i wash them often hehe)
    love ya review!

    xoxo elle

  2. I think that since you actually get to use your brushes on gigs, earning you experience and money, it's okay to splurge once in a while, err, rather 'invest' :) So congrats on your new addition and may you beautify more faces with it :)

  3. @Elle I agree with you that the more expensive brushes last longer. In the end too you tend to lean more and pickup the more expensive brushes because they do make a big and better difference. Most of the normal brushes or ones that usually come in sets eventually go untouched.

  4. @teeyah Haha yeah thats when I can't define the line between justification and investment hahaha

  5. MAC brushes are good investment talaga. I keep on buying other brushes but I still go back to MAC. I always reach for my MAC brushes for my day to day use

    and you wouldn't find MAC 109 talaga on any MAC store, it's not part of the permanent brushes, LE lang sya =)

  6. I mean, LE here in the phils, i believe it's part of the perma brushes in the US

  7. @lelila Yeah they are a good investment but its permanent also here Limited lang so ubos lagi and matagal mag replenish ng stocks hehe

  8. It's ok to splurge especially if you know its an "investment" I've been longing for this brush for too long, laging out of stock, I nearly got this from a blog sale pero naunahan ako! Hehehe

  9. i have this brush, and i love it!

  10. @Nikki yes actually dati wnwish ko sana may makuha ako sa blog sale hahah meron pa yan go! haha

    @Crystal its nice no? :)

    @Khymm yup super worth it :)

  11. i've learned about this brus from petrilude. i want one as well for the purpose of blending the contour powder deposited by the angled blush brush :)

  12. Gah...I'm a cheap Asian and I can't seem to let my money go on ONE brush...=(


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