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Sunday, March 28, 2010

School Portfolio (Picture heavy)

I am again very sorry that I have been away from the blogging scene in quite some time. I have been a busy bee doing make up left and right. But today, Sunday, I would like to share with you all my make up portfolio finals for School. I only chose 2 pictures of each set. :)

Here they are:

Prime / Bridal Look
Model: Mitchie Sison
Occupation:Entrepreneur, Chef, TV Host

Make Up Balance
Model: Mars Rapos
Occupation: Brand Manager, Stylist

4 Theme Semi Smokey
Model: Cathlyn Pavia
Occupation: Account Manager

Model: Mia Valencia
Occupation: After Sales Specialist

Model: Sheena Ramos
Occupation PR Account Executive

ICON - Twiggy
Model: Meg Michelena
Occupation: Stylist

Avant Garde - Peacock
Model: Kring Elenzano
Occupation: TV Host, Director

Male Make Up - Mask
Model: Aaron Mempin
Occupation: Advertising Account Manager, Commercial Model

So that's what I've been busy about for the past weeks. :) These are just some pics, the rest of each set are in my facebook. Do email me if you wanna see them so I can give you full access to my facebook page. :)

Toodles! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

MAC Stufio Fix lash Mascara

When I was in Singapore, I noticed my make up purchases weren't as bulk as i expected. I ended up buying 3 Mascara's for some weird reason. The 2 that I use frequently is the MAC Studio Fix Mascara and the Fiberwig Mascara in Black.

Amongst the 2 I would use the MAC studio fix mascara for everyday use since i like how buildable it is. On the other side I would use the fiberwig mascara if i need and want lengthening in my over all look.

Here's a look at the Mac Studio Fix Lash Mascara

The bristles are rubber hence it is like combing your eye lash hair at the same time coating it

Here's a look of me using the Studio Fix Lash Mascara, forgive me I have no proper review image using the product hehe.

click image to enlarge

Okay it is a lame picture and I don't know if you can even notice my eye lashes haha but it's really worth it hehe. :) Everyone seemed to notice if I was wearing falsies or had eye lash extensions hehe.

Overall I give the product a 9/10 not a full 10 since Im not a mascara expert thus I wouldn't know when a product would be "perfect" hehe. :)

Toodles! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Velvet's Tribute to the Oscars winning photo - CASABLANCA

Another fun experience that I have down for my books. My wonderful teacher/mentor RB Chanco gave me, along with two other classmates Nikka and Odessa the chance to accompany her and be part of one of the entries for Velvet's tribute to the Oscars photo exhibit / competition.

The layout that we joined RB for was for the movie Casablanca. For those who are unfamiliar, Velvet Tribute to the Oscar's is on its second year. Here local celebrities are chosen to portray the roles of Movies that have won and have been nominated for the Oscars. Although these are all portrayed only on Photographs. But given this, a team of very talented individuals comprise and come together to achieve a photo that not only represents the Oscar movie but also is their own interpretation. So I was and still am very privileged to have been part of this team to re-create Casablanca.

And it did not fail. Casablanca won BEST IN TRANSFORMATION for make up which goes to my wonderful wonderful teahcer RB Chanco and not only that this also won GOLD. Yes GOLD, topping all the other entries. I am super happy for that, super proud of the team and especially RB. :)

Here's the winning photo:

Click image to enlarge

The team:
Jericho Rosales
Maricar Reyes
RB Chanco (Make Up Artist)
Kat Cruz (Stylist)
Ria Regino (Photographer)

Here are a few behind the scenes photos taken by me during the shoot. I have so much pictures it was hard to choose. As much as I would like to upload the image of me and jericho or maricar, i decided not to since uhhh I look like crap next to them haha.

RB with Jericho and Maricar

The team

It was such a great experience as we got to hang around and watch everything from start to finish. Seeing the make up done by RB for both Maricar and Jericho was the highlight of the whole experience. I learned so much from RB and I am still elated that I was somewhat part of the winning photo of Casablanca. It was an awesome experience. Thanks RB. :)

Congrats to Casablanca for taking home the GOLD! :)

Toodles! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Semi Smokey, Smokey and Male Make Up

For the last two lessons for class, we leaned how to do the 4-theme / semi smoky look, the smoky look and make up for males. It was 2 day weekend spent until night time in school, but all was good and fun. :)

Here's my model Ice for the 4-theme look:

Ice with RB :)

The following day, we learned how to do make up for males, it was simple, basically foundation and a little contouring. :)

Here's my good friend Ivan who agreed to be my model :)

Next we were tasked to re-create the 4-them semi smoky look to our models for evaluation. Then came the twist, instead of us doing the smoky look for the model that we brought, we had a rotation with the models and therefore didn't know which model would be our model for smoky. However here's the model I brought and her trasformations.

From left-right
Semi Smokey (done by me)
Smokey(done by nikka)

And here's the model i had for Smokey

From left - right
Eye make up being removed, base done by Carl
Snokey eyes and re touch of face done by me

It had been a long weekend of make up classes but again all worth it and fun.

We just finished our finals portfolio and I can't wait to share the photos! I am super happy with them all! :)

Toodles!! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

UST CFAD Fashion Show

About a week back, we were given a chance to do make up for the models of the UST CFAD 2010 fashion show. It was a really fun experience to do make up for a fashion show since the make up had to stand out but not over power the whole look. The main objective was for the make up to just complement the fashion designer's creation on the models instead of the make up attracting the most attention.

The designers' peg was to do a really strong smokey look.

I was tasked to do make up for 2 girls, coincidentally both named Jodi! How neat is that hehe. :)

Here are their looks:

Click Images to enlarge

Jodi #1 Before and After

For the second Jodi, the designer asked me to make the look a little more different by adding more oomph to the eyes yet still sticking to the smokey-ish look. And here's the look:

Jodi #2 Before and After

Overall, I was happy with the outcome of both my models. Too bad I wasn't there when they rocked the runway, but I'm sure they did well. :)

Toodles! :)

P.S - I have been lacking soooooo many posts, i'm just super busy right now with the make-up finals!! Aacckk! :( But I promise to do a review on the MAC Studio Fix Mascarra very soon! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Live Aids 2010 Circusmaryosep! (Pic Heavy)

Our make up class, through our wonderful teacher RB Chanco was given the opportunity to do make up for the 26th Live Aids show for Sa Maskom students of UP. For those who are not familiar with Live Aids, it is a show done by Sa Maskom org of UP, this is the show where some of the most successful comedians started and was discovered.

The show ran for 3 days, from Friday-Sunday. But since, I flew back in on Friday from Singapore, I was only able to do make up for Saturday and Sunday. Although I lacked one day, it was such a wonderful experience! Stage make up is different from normal every day make up and even for print. Since the students portrayed a certain character, their make up varied too. Aside from that, our timing skills were put to test since there were a lot that needed make up done. All this paid off though when we watched the final show on Sunday. These students are so good at what they do and the show was hilarious!!!!

Without further a do, here are the images of the ones I did make up for. :)

No before picture so just one with flash and without :)

Forgot the before pic too hehe

Out of all, this has to be my favorite, His name is Ralph and he portrayed "Spice Ganda" immitating the role of Vice Ganda (a local comedian). We made 2 looks for him. The first one we did was just a regular smokey for the 3pm show.

3pm look

After the 3pm show, he came back to me for a re-touch and also to spice up the look even more since The Vice Ganda was to watch the 7pm show. Wow were both of us pressured. Hehe but nonetheless, we were both happy with the outcome. And I hope so was the real Vice Ganda. :)

7pm look

Here are some snapshots from the actual show, plus the whole cast with us girls who did their make up. :)

Such a wonderful experience to be part of a show filled with very talented individuals. All the hard work really paid off when we watched the show. :) I am now a sure fan of Live Aids and I can't wait for next year! Happiness! :)

Toodles! :)

My sisters wedding

Hola! It's been a while since my last post, I've been busy the past 2 weeks hence the hiatus from blogging. But I do hope to get back on track with regular blogging soon! :) I recently just came from a trip from Singapore to attend my sister's civil wedding. My sister's then boyfriend is based in Singapore hence the choice to have a civil wedding there. But no complaints what so ever since it gave the family a reason to have a mini out of the country get together / vacation. :)

I was ecstatic to have the privilege from my sister to do her make up on her special day (I hope she still trusts me for her Church Wedding *hinthint to sister*). So I won't really make a lengthy wordy post and just show you guys some of the images from that.

Basically, what I did for my sister was the Prime Look with a little hint of purple. The goal was to make her look stunning but not over the top. I mainly focused on giving her flawless skin so she would look great regardless what eye make up we put. So without further a do, here are the images from my sister's special day.

On her Big Day

Using the Beauty Blender to apply concealer

Checking how the foundation looked on camera with flash
(click to enlarge)

Prime look with a zest of Purple on the eyes

For some reason, I do not have an after shot of the just finished make up. I think we were all rushing by that time haha. Although here is the closest shot of the After shot I got. :)

The Bride and Groom's Family :)

Their first shot as a married couple Congratulations!!!! :)

Family Shot :) (ugh i'm so fat compared to my sister and mom)

It was such a fun fun day full of love, spent with the whole family. Like what they say, marriage is not just the joining of two people but more the joining of two families. It was such a fun loving day. Congratulations to my sister and my new brother, Anna and JR! :)

In addition, I was browsing through the pics and found this pic of me checking the foundation done on my face if it looked even or not. Then I realized, wow me and my sister look so much alike in this pic and the one I took of her to check her foundation too hahaha. I just look more uhhh androgynous she look sweet. haha

Lastly, here was my look for my sisters wedding :)

Toodles!! :)