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Thursday, March 18, 2010

MAC Stufio Fix lash Mascara

When I was in Singapore, I noticed my make up purchases weren't as bulk as i expected. I ended up buying 3 Mascara's for some weird reason. The 2 that I use frequently is the MAC Studio Fix Mascara and the Fiberwig Mascara in Black.

Amongst the 2 I would use the MAC studio fix mascara for everyday use since i like how buildable it is. On the other side I would use the fiberwig mascara if i need and want lengthening in my over all look.

Here's a look at the Mac Studio Fix Lash Mascara

The bristles are rubber hence it is like combing your eye lash hair at the same time coating it

Here's a look of me using the Studio Fix Lash Mascara, forgive me I have no proper review image using the product hehe.

click image to enlarge

Okay it is a lame picture and I don't know if you can even notice my eye lashes haha but it's really worth it hehe. :) Everyone seemed to notice if I was wearing falsies or had eye lash extensions hehe.

Overall I give the product a 9/10 not a full 10 since Im not a mascara expert thus I wouldn't know when a product would be "perfect" hehe. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. thanks for the review, would you believe I never tried any MAC brand mascara? I guess I should huh?

  2. @Nikki it's my 2nd Mac mascara product and ive never really felt that mascaras were their forte hehe but its worth a try

    @Mara yayy go try :)

  3. like nikki, i've never tried a MAC mascara either.

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