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Sunday, March 28, 2010

School Portfolio (Picture heavy)

I am again very sorry that I have been away from the blogging scene in quite some time. I have been a busy bee doing make up left and right. But today, Sunday, I would like to share with you all my make up portfolio finals for School. I only chose 2 pictures of each set. :)

Here they are:

Prime / Bridal Look
Model: Mitchie Sison
Occupation:Entrepreneur, Chef, TV Host

Make Up Balance
Model: Mars Rapos
Occupation: Brand Manager, Stylist

4 Theme Semi Smokey
Model: Cathlyn Pavia
Occupation: Account Manager

Model: Mia Valencia
Occupation: After Sales Specialist

Model: Sheena Ramos
Occupation PR Account Executive

ICON - Twiggy
Model: Meg Michelena
Occupation: Stylist

Avant Garde - Peacock
Model: Kring Elenzano
Occupation: TV Host, Director

Male Make Up - Mask
Model: Aaron Mempin
Occupation: Advertising Account Manager, Commercial Model

So that's what I've been busy about for the past weeks. :) These are just some pics, the rest of each set are in my facebook. Do email me if you wanna see them so I can give you full access to my facebook page. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. well done chic they're all brilliant!


  2. thats amazing, your so talented. i just keep staring!!

  3. You did a fabulous job, Caby! :P I like the Twiggy look. :)

  4. Great job caby! i love the semi smokey look and icon! :)

  5. great job! you're so lucky that your course comes with a makeup portfolio. kami wala, so i have to do it on my own pa :(

  6. congratulations!!! job well done!! :D

  7. To everyone, thank you soo much! :)

  8. love the peacock look.. super fun colors :)

  9. love the peacock and semi smokey eyes! good job! =)

  10. grades...gah...cant wait to finally get that over with haha =)

  11. @Maki Thanks so much :)

    @Kay The Peacock is my favorite too. But above all the make up, I was happy I got the model I wanted for the look since she pulled it off so well. :)

  12. @Khymm Thanks Khymm :)

    @Maui I know right ang tagal!! :(

  13. Ngayon ko lang nalaman si Aaron pala yung male model mo? haha ang slowwww haha buti nilagyan mo ng name. haha

  14. @Jajag haha yeah si aaron in character kasi kaya you prollie couldnt recognize hehe

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