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Monday, March 1, 2010

Live Aids 2010 Circusmaryosep! (Pic Heavy)

Our make up class, through our wonderful teacher RB Chanco was given the opportunity to do make up for the 26th Live Aids show for Sa Maskom students of UP. For those who are not familiar with Live Aids, it is a show done by Sa Maskom org of UP, this is the show where some of the most successful comedians started and was discovered.

The show ran for 3 days, from Friday-Sunday. But since, I flew back in on Friday from Singapore, I was only able to do make up for Saturday and Sunday. Although I lacked one day, it was such a wonderful experience! Stage make up is different from normal every day make up and even for print. Since the students portrayed a certain character, their make up varied too. Aside from that, our timing skills were put to test since there were a lot that needed make up done. All this paid off though when we watched the final show on Sunday. These students are so good at what they do and the show was hilarious!!!!

Without further a do, here are the images of the ones I did make up for. :)

No before picture so just one with flash and without :)

Forgot the before pic too hehe

Out of all, this has to be my favorite, His name is Ralph and he portrayed "Spice Ganda" immitating the role of Vice Ganda (a local comedian). We made 2 looks for him. The first one we did was just a regular smokey for the 3pm show.

3pm look

After the 3pm show, he came back to me for a re-touch and also to spice up the look even more since The Vice Ganda was to watch the 7pm show. Wow were both of us pressured. Hehe but nonetheless, we were both happy with the outcome. And I hope so was the real Vice Ganda. :)

7pm look

Here are some snapshots from the actual show, plus the whole cast with us girls who did their make up. :)

Such a wonderful experience to be part of a show filled with very talented individuals. All the hard work really paid off when we watched the show. :) I am now a sure fan of Live Aids and I can't wait for next year! Happiness! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. great job! :) Congratulations Caby!

  2. @Nikki Thanks so much super fun experience :)

  3. OMG! Kamukha niya... si Vice Ganda!!! Great job gorgeous Caby!!!

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