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Monday, March 8, 2010

Semi Smokey, Smokey and Male Make Up

For the last two lessons for class, we leaned how to do the 4-theme / semi smoky look, the smoky look and make up for males. It was 2 day weekend spent until night time in school, but all was good and fun. :)

Here's my model Ice for the 4-theme look:

Ice with RB :)

The following day, we learned how to do make up for males, it was simple, basically foundation and a little contouring. :)

Here's my good friend Ivan who agreed to be my model :)

Next we were tasked to re-create the 4-them semi smoky look to our models for evaluation. Then came the twist, instead of us doing the smoky look for the model that we brought, we had a rotation with the models and therefore didn't know which model would be our model for smoky. However here's the model I brought and her trasformations.

From left-right
Semi Smokey (done by me)
Smokey(done by nikka)

And here's the model i had for Smokey

From left - right
Eye make up being removed, base done by Carl
Snokey eyes and re touch of face done by me

It had been a long weekend of make up classes but again all worth it and fun.

We just finished our finals portfolio and I can't wait to share the photos! I am super happy with them all! :)

Toodles!! :)


  1. those are great looks! OOhhh I love doing different looks!!!! Your models are gorgeous! Congrats

  2. makeup school is really fun! great job..

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