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Saturday, March 6, 2010

UST CFAD Fashion Show

About a week back, we were given a chance to do make up for the models of the UST CFAD 2010 fashion show. It was a really fun experience to do make up for a fashion show since the make up had to stand out but not over power the whole look. The main objective was for the make up to just complement the fashion designer's creation on the models instead of the make up attracting the most attention.

The designers' peg was to do a really strong smokey look.

I was tasked to do make up for 2 girls, coincidentally both named Jodi! How neat is that hehe. :)

Here are their looks:

Click Images to enlarge

Jodi #1 Before and After

For the second Jodi, the designer asked me to make the look a little more different by adding more oomph to the eyes yet still sticking to the smokey-ish look. And here's the look:

Jodi #2 Before and After

Overall, I was happy with the outcome of both my models. Too bad I wasn't there when they rocked the runway, but I'm sure they did well. :)

Toodles! :)

P.S - I have been lacking soooooo many posts, i'm just super busy right now with the make-up finals!! Aacckk! :( But I promise to do a review on the MAC Studio Fix Mascarra very soon! :)


  1. congratulations for the gig :)great job!

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