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Monday, January 9, 2012

Traincase up for grabs!

Hey Girls,

Happy New Year! :) Hope you all had a beauty filled Christmas season! Now that it's 2012, I have decided to slowly overhaul my equipment for work. Thus getting rid of some things that I hardly and well most probably don't use anymore. It's time to revamp the whole shebang ! :)

Do you guys remember my first ever makeup train case? :) I bought this baby back in 2009 and was so excited and giddy about this since I got it (Read story HERE). I had kept it very close to my bed and kept it clean like 24/7! haha

These are the photos taken a few days after it was purchased:

The traincase has 8 trays, 4 on each side and the bottom part is pretty deep and can hold a lot of things, even my folded make-up brush belt.

Oh gosh, that was my stash before even starting school! The days! haha

I bought this baby for PHP3500 which I haggled down from PHP4500, a pretty good deal since it had a trolley. I didn't even wear this train case out, since only after a couple of months I decided to buy a Trolley with Lights. It currently does have some signs of wear, like a few scratches here and there. I also still have some of the dividers on hand. But overall, this traincase is still in pretty much awesome shape! :)

If anyone is interested, send me and email at carla.avancena@gmail.com I am willing to give this up for a very reasonable price. I can also send current pics to those interested. However shipping for this item is not possible, only meet ups for this in agreed areas only. :)

Let me know!

Toodles! :)



  1. wow all your makeup in it looks AH-MAZING!!

  2. @Jordy this was taken a couple of years ago i was so happy at all that :)

  3. is this traincase still available?

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