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Friday, April 9, 2010

New home for my toys / New Vanity Area :)

Hey girlies, just wanted to share with you my new lighted trolley train case. I have spent the past couple of weeks contemplating on what type of train case I was gonna get. I was due for an upgrade since my first train case was lacking space. And for make up gig purposes I figured it would be better to get a train case with a mirror. Originally I wanted one with legs but I ended up settling for this fine leather lighted trolley train case.

This is what its body looks like, it has a handle by the width side and one by the length side. It has 2 wheels and 2 stoppers and a pull up handle.

This is what it looks like when you open it, of course I was excited and transferred my necessary make up hehe. :)

Here's what it looks like when you pull the trays open:

Before choosing what train case to get, a big consideration for me was space. I needed a train case that could fit the necessary things I would need for a shoot. Second would be the fact that I wanted it to have a mirror and lights hehe. :)

Overall I'm really happy with what I got. Aesthetically it's sleek and classy because of its black leather trimming. It's big enough to fit what I need, It's an instant make up studio whatever location I may be in and the best part of it all, It doubles as my own vanity area when at home. :)

Yayyness!! :) :)

Toodles! :)


  1. So sexy, loving it! ♥

    ★ Cookiie

  2. @MilknCooliie Yes it is really sexxay! :)

    @Donna Thank you it took quite a while and some re arranging for it to look organized hehe :)

    @lelila Thank you it really is love :)

  3. I love it, Caby! It's very organized and it looks really neat!

  4. love the new case caby,i want a lighted mirror din hehe

  5. I LOVE IT!!!! Perfect for gigs! Love love love how you organize your stuffs!

  6. i love it Caby!!!! where did you buy it? :)

  7. i love it! where did you buy it and for how much caby?

  8. i've seen this exact same thing. i wish i bought this. mine is slightly smaller and doesn't fit all my stuff :(

  9. @Pammy Thanks so much, it took me a while and a couple of re-arranging for it to look that way hehe

    @Camille Thanks it's really handy since it doubles up as a vanity area for your room! :)

    @Nikki Thank you, really bought this for gigs :)

    @Carl Quiapo :)

  10. @Shatzlaine Thank you :)

    @Khymm Thank you, I got this at Quiapo, price there is at 12k but you can make tawad depends on what else you buy with them.

    @LipGlossGossip Thank you :)

    @Crystal It's really nice because of its leather trimmings. It doesn't fit all of my stuff too but its big enough to fit the stuff I need and a little extra. :)

  11. Very nice, Caby! Love the classy, elegant leather trimmings. And thumbs up for being so organized! Congrats on the new baby!

  12. I love it~~ I saw it too.. but the light i saw is using bulb. The price is about RM1300(~USD370).. I'll get one for myself when my budget is enough.. really nice and cool makeup case.

  13. wow! my make up collection's not that huge, but gaaddd i want to have that train case, too! nice!

    btw, followed you from GT :)

  14. @The NeuroChiq Thanks so much :)

    @nico yeah there's another type with full bulbs but decided to get this instead/ :)

    @joice thanks for following :)

  15. Very neat and organised :)

    check out my giveaway, its open internationally! :)



  16. girl this is amazing. I'm jealous lol. I would want one just for myself lol.

    thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  17. hi Cabby. san sa quaipo mo nabili and how much ? - Jane

  18. OMG! I love this case, and today my dad told me to research one. So he can get me one for my B'day. I need a lil info plz. Price? How do I get one?

  19. hi! where did you order your train case? been looking for one similar to yours. =)

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