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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Make Up For Ever Waterproof eye brow corrector

The hardest part of the make up for anyone's face in my opinion are the eye brows. The eye brows are crucial since they can make or break the look. The eye brows help frame the face, ugly/uneven eye brows can break the overall look no matter how good the rest of the make up is. That is why the eye brows are where I spend most time when doing make up for myself and other people. I have been eyeing Make Up For Ever's Waterproof Eye Brow Corrector for quite some time now but they always seem to be out of stock, luckily the other day, as I was having dinner in Serendra, I decided to drop by the MUFE store to check if they had some in stock. Lucky for me they did! :) Without hesitation I got one and couldn't wait to try it. :)

The shade that I chose is 0 the lightest color available.

This is a cream based eye brow corrector and when applied on skin becomes like second skin. Also did I mention that this is waterproof? Yes it is. So no more worrying about unconsciously rubbing your eyebrows and to find out that well you rubbed off too much! hehe This product applies so smoothly on your skin it looks so natural.

Here's a swatch of 0

I chose to get the lightest shade since this can also serve as a base. If i need a darker shade, I can just go over the MUFE corrector with any eye brow powder. It's always easier to darken the eyebrows instead of making them lighter. Another plus with this product is that it can also serve as eyebrow color ala MAC Brow Set. You only need a little drop to achieve perfect eyebrows so this will last you a long long time. Thus, making the hefty price of PHP1,280 definitely worth it, for its quality, longevity and usability. :)

I can't get over how hot it is here in Manila so all the more this waterproof eye brow corrector deserves a spot in your kit!

Toodles! :)


  1. i saw bambi used this kaso medyo dark yung sakannya and very natural looking,i just got my mac brow set and im liking it too

  2. wow so is it like a base for eyeshadows?

  3. can u show me a picture of u using this product..we have same skin and hair color.. but i am not sure if i should buy shade 0 or 2

  4. intriguing!! This looks interesting ah! thanks for sharing

  5. i'm read so many raves about it, but yikes, it seems that they hacked up prices again? the last time i checked it was slightly cheaper.

  6. Show us some photos when you roadtest it ha? =)

  7. @SHOBE Love the brow set! :)

    @Glimmeringmetal Hmm it can be base but its actually used to correct the brows already instead of pencil or powder :)

    @IVY Will post a full review soon :)

    @Nikki Its nice get it na rin :)

    @Crystal Yeah it's really pricey specially if its in peso!

    @Dang Will do :)

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