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Thursday, April 15, 2010

MAC Goodies + FOTD

Isn't make-up fascinating? I have never been this much addicted in my life to any other thing but make up. My life doesn't feel complete if i had not made any make up purchase. It goes on endlessly, this love for make up. Sometimes you do it for the sake of having something new. You just want something new. Raise your hand girls if you feel this way too hehe.

My sister just arrived earlier today from Singapore and brought me these MAC goodies. These are the things I had asked her to buy due to an unforseen unfortunate event. This unfortunate event was me being OOS for the MAC Ombre blush in ripe peach in the 3 MAC stores ON THE VERY FIRST DAY! THE VERY FIRST DAY. In the Glorietta store I was a tad bit late when I arrived the last one had been purchased just minutes before. So the next day I went to Shangri-la at 11am (the day of their launch) to purchase my ripe peach but when i got there, LO AND BEHOLD, it was out of stock DUE TO RESERVATIONS. Now this really ticked me off, I have never wanted a blush as bad as this one. I felt so bad because I know reservations happen but I figured that they should at least keep a batch for walk-in customers not finish them all for reservations. The pring collection hadn't even started their launch and yet it was already OOS.

So out of frustration, I got my sister to buy me the ripe peach in Singapore. She called the store and said it wasn't to be launched till that friday and they DO NOT ACCEPT RESERVATIONS. I thought to myself thank god, how it should be. So my sister went that friday on the day of the launch and bought me my goodies. I also got the Springshine Ombre Blush and the MAC girlboy browset. Anyway still happy amidst my Ripe Peach Blush experience. hehe :)

MAC Springshine

MAC Ripepeach

MAC Girlboy

Swatch l-r

girlboy browset

Just realized I haven't had a FOTD for the longest time, so here's my fotd a few days back. :) Just a simple look. :)

What I used:

RCMA Foundation
Graftobian Powder
Graftobian Powder (contour)
MAC Blush in Cubic

MAC e/s in Shroom
MAC e/s in Vanilla
MAC e/s in Haux
MAC e/s in Sable
MAC e/s in Embark
Stila Smudgepot in Black
MAC Studiofix lash mascara

NYX megashine lipgloss in Dolly pink

It's crazy hot here in Manila, summer has been unbearable!! I'm gonna go get some juice!!

Toodles! :)


  1. i raise both hands! hahaha ;)

    i know, i heard that "OOS due to reservations" line for the MAC viva glam lippies in shangrila too, in my experience, the rockwell store always has the last stocks. now you know where to go! ;)

  2. @coffretgorge Yayy I have yet to go to the rockwell store yet. I should check that place nalang always :) Thanks :)

  3. so pretty caby! im using also Girl boy browset.. ang ganda ng Dolly pink gloss noh?

  4. you rock the dolly pink megashine girl!

    hmm, sorry, i think i'm one of the guilty ones na nagpareserve ng blush ombre, i'm one of the first who tried the testers din hehe

    if you have something you want to reserve sa MAC shangrila, you have my number, let me know lang and i can call carlos to reserve one for you.

  5. @khymm yeah i love the dolly pink na bbother lang ako sa cherry smell nya hehe

    @lelila Hehe Thanks nagullat lang ako na walang natira for walk in customers

  6. i called them nga rin one week before to reserve another blush ombre and nagulat rin ako na sinabing sold out na. kala ko naman may tinira for the launch, as in wala pala hehe

  7. @lelila haha yeah super in demand lang din talaga the ripe peach :)

  8. wow, you got it! :) That's so difficult to purchase as its oos all the time! Your FOTD is nice

  9. @Nikki I got my sister to get it in Singapore hehe Thanks :)

  10. Congrats on the ripe peach! and well the girl boy too. Im glad I had my mom buy it din, almost 3 months oos parin hehe

  11. @Maui you know how much i wanted this badly hahaha

  12. wahh! sis caby nainlove ako sa ripepeach! sana magkaron ka nun sa store mo hehe,,,you're fotd is very lovely btw=)*wink*

  13. Lucky you! We haven't got that collection yet, I hope I get my hands on Ripe Peach!

  14. Nice haul. How do you like the blush ombres? I had a hard time pulling off Ripe Peach actually.

  15. @Aiyoh Oh I wish I bought more than one nga eh hayy i hope they make it permanent!

    @Marce You should get it when it comes out!!! :)

    @naturalnchicmakeup yes i love them! :) you should give it a second look i'm sure you;ll love it too! :)

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