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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Etude House Color my Brows

The other day, I accompanied my friend Sheena to the beauty section of the department store. She had asked me to help her in building her basic make up kit. The beauty junkie that I am, agreed without even blinking an eye. The thought of just shopping for make up excited me (even though it's not for me haha). So I asked Sheena what her total budget was and we worked around from there.

Aside from splurging for you base makeup (Foundation, Concealer and Powder Foundation - the most important of all) , another thing worth considering is/are products for your eyebrows. Now if you're a beginner, this can become very tricky and disastrous ( Yes one wrong move or a little too much become TOO MUCH hehe). So one important thing to consider was convenience, the product needed to do the job without the case of disaster from trial and error, it needed to be easy to use. And as I was going around the beauty section, I came upon this product from Etude House:

Etude House Color My Brows
in 1: Rich Brown

Here's a swatch of this color:

If you are familiar with MAC's Browset, this product from Etude house is similar to that. It also comes in a little tube and you apply the product with a spooly wand just like mascara. Although it's size is smaller and almost half to the size of MAC's it's definitely worth it for it's cheap price and the amazing quality you will get.

Here's my eyebrow, bare, untamed, shaped but needs more grooming (do forgive, I wish my eye brows looked perfect 24/7 haha).

Now here's what it looks like with just Etude House Color my Brows brushed on, no other products used or tools, this is directly from the wand of the product.

Isn't that wow? I really think this product is amazing, instant color and taming of the brow hairs in a matter of seconds! So when I saw this, I immediately asked the SA to give me 2, one for Sheena and the other for me hehe.

I decided that this product is perfect for a beginner like Sheena since:

1. Very easy to use and can be done in a matter of seconds.
2. Saves you from the horror of intimidating brow products like pencils/powders.
3. Cheap!
4. Colors your brows and shapes it all in one.

Although here are a few things to remember when using a product like this:

1. Your eyebrows must be properly groomed before using it.
2. If you have an extra spooly, use that to pick up the product from the original wand so that first application isn't too thick.
3. If you don't have an extra spooly, scrape of some of the product from the original wand on the side of the opening of the product.

Remember your eyebrows shape and frame the face, properly groomed eyebrows give an instant polish to your overall look.

Overall, I am excited that I saw this product, I give this a total of 3 thumbs up!! :) :) Such an amazing find!

Toodles! :)


  1. I LOVE MY BROWS NOW CABY! I LOOOOOOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! (I'll just go have them trimmed professionally after our make-up sesh)

  2. I super looooove this product! I bought the same shade last week. I was a bit hesitant to buy it since it was unplanned. My sis was the one who wanted it. I'm so glad I did though! Planning to make a post about this beautiful thing soon! Great review! :D

  3. @Sheena I'm glad you love it, I had such an amazing time shopping for/with you! we'll still grow your collection slowly but surely, and next thing you know, you're a beauty convert too! :)

    @Peachy It's great! I keep it in my personal kit and pop it on my brows whenever I'm on the go. :)

  4. Whoa, I want to try this! MAC Brow Set is just too pricy, I can't afford to buy another one...LOL! This should be a great alternative. Awesome review.

  5. @Hollie oh this is a perfect alternative for MAC browset, it won't disappoint :)

  6. i havnt tried this but it looks really effective

  7. @Steffi it's worth giving a try, I'm sure you won't be disappointed :)

  8. Nice, I'm glad etude house prices are really good and affordable :) thanks for sharing! LOVELY brows ka girl!

  9. I've heard about this before! Super nice, I'm really interested... can't wait to check it out :) I'm definitely going to buy it the next time I can!


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  10. Wow! That looks promising! Was it achieved in one wash or multiple layers? It looks really dark!

  11. wow ang ganda! my biggest frustration are my brows. seeing how it worked so well on you makes me wanna go to EH stat

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  12. @Nikki affordable yet great in quality :)

    @Chriselle you should, it's an amazing product :)

    @bun bun I think this was about 3 layers, not so sure, just tried to fill it in in little strokes, so maybe overall 2-3 layers :)

    @Kumiko Go before they go OOS, they usually run out fast daw :)

  13. I think I need this product! Thanks for the review! :D

  14. Nice review...It really changes the color of your brows..=)

  15. thanks for the review.. your eyebrows looks nice :D

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