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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tomato from the heart! :)

Let me share with you something that works. If you have been actively following my blog, you may have gotten the idea that I am in constant search for skin care products to tame my oily skin. My oily skin can sometimes be uncontrollable, this oily skin brings me breakouts! Who doesn't hate breakouts right? We are all are in the search for products to help us achieve that. And I have gone through tons of failed products, but this one proves to be strong. I am now on my second bottle, a little bottle called Human Heart Nature Tomato and Lemongrass Toner.

We all know that tomato has plenty of benefits for the skin, especially for drying up pimples. I know a few fellow bloggers who swear by tomato as HG for skincare, now I can say i am one of them.

PHP100 for 100ML

I had no hesitations in trying the product since I am a sucker for natural products. Also at the time I was eyeing this toner, my face was sort of peeling as a result to a previous failed product I had tried and I needed a new product that would be sensitive enough not to sting my skin. And it when I first tried it, there was no sting! its smells so fresh and your face feels so clean right after.

I also noticed that after a few days of using the product, my face was less prone to breakouts. Now I'm not saying i totally don't get breakouts instead what I say is that I can see that breakouts are lesser and less frequent. Which is of course a good good thing. :) But nothing can beat the fresh feeling after using the product, that is a winner for me. :)

I love it so much that I'm already on my second bottle, and when I bought the second bottle , I bought the Tomato and lemongrass facial wash counterpart. So I use my Human Heart Nature Tomato and lemongrass facial wash and then the Human Heart Nature Tomato and Lemongrass Toner and end my cleanse tone and moisturize with the Skin Natural MD moisturizer. It works like a miracle. :)

If you are in the Philippines, I definitely recommend this product to everyone. For its very affordable price (PHP100) you are getting maximum top quality! :) Human Heart Nature also has a wide range of products also worth looking into! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Hi Caby

    I have oily skin too. Thanks for sharing this. but this product I think cannot get in Malaysia.

    I am your follower few months back.
    Do visit my blog. thanks

  2. @Lavender this product is only available in the Philippines :( Im not too sure though if they ship internationally.

  3. They do ship internationally, but it's really expensive. :( I really want to try some things out, but the lack of reviews and the shipping rate makes me hesitate to purchase some products. I'm glad to know about this brand now though, thanks so much for the review!

    ★ Cookiie

  4. @Cookie Aww thats too bad, hopefully you guys will have cheaper access to their products.

  5. I have oily skin too, Caby! Where did you buy this? is it available in leading department stores? Sounds good at 100 Pesos! Rock on! ♥

  6. Yeah that was what i was going to ask too. Can i see these stuff at Watson's?

  7. @Cha you can buy it through online stores in multiply or by their website mismo. If you life near their depot even better so u can try their products :)

    @Procne i don;t think its available in watsons :(

  8. Sounds great! However I haven`t seen that brand in my country (Spain).

  9. @Gabriela I think this is only available in Philippines right now :)

  10. I'm using it now because of this review, Caby! :) Will definitely do a review on it. Thanks for sharing!

  11. @Teeyah Awesome, let me know how it works for you! :)

  12. My face turned red when I used this product just now. Is that normal? I'm worrying what will happen to my face tomorrow. :(

  13. @Anonymous oh no, that's sad to hear. maybe you should stop using whatever it is you were using before and give it a few days rest. :|

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