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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kirkland Signature by Borghese Mineral Eye Shadow Palette

Aside from it's awesome pigmentation, I'm not really a fan of mineral eye shadows because I usually experience fallout when I use them. It also tends to be messy because of the loose formula. But when i received this palette, It intrigued me. A pressed mineral eye shadow from kirkland? I didn't know what to expect. Hehe This was the palette that came out during Christmas of 2009. I checked their website and now they have different colors for the palette. I wanna share with everyone how great these pressed minerals are. :)

For reference this is what the palette looks like (taken from costco website). It's an 8 colored palette which comes with 2 dual ended brushes, a dual ended eye liner and a sharpener. :)

The palette I got during December as a gift by my boyfriend has the following colors. :)

Here are the corresponding swatched of the pressed mineral eye shadows. :)

They are all frosts but with crazy pigmentation. This is actually my first pressed MINERAL eye shadow product or palette. I'm used to seeing loose mineral eye shadows, and the problems I usually have with that is easy fallout. Having them pressed are so much better, You get the same quality in pigmentation yet fallout is minimal compared to the lose ones.

Aside from that, this is my first costco product, and I'm surprised they have very good cosmetics. This is something to look out for together with their annual Christmas brush sets. :)

Yayy to pressed Mineral Eye Shadows. In my opinion all mineral eye shadows should be pressed. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. wow.the pigmentation is super good I can tell just by looking at photos!!! :)

  2. @Nikki really good pigmentation :)

  3. I always know when I "arrive" on your blog. The Canadian flag suddenly pops up! Hahaha!

  4. Hey I just got this palette as a gift and I dont use eyshadow ever, but really wanna start, so can you tell me how? Like, when i tried to swatch them I didnt see as much pigmentation..did you do it over n over? or was it wet? Help!

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