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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prestige Total Intensity Eye Liner

I was never particular with the brand of eye liner I used, whatever was in my kit was good to go. However along the way, the liners I had been using for the lower and upper waterline started to cause me delays especially when I apply this on clients. The problems I was encountering was usually having a hard time getting good color output from the liner hence me spending lots of time. This posed as an uncomfortable situation to my clients since well as we all know, the water lines both upper and lower may well be the most sensitive part of our face and where we must be the most careful when applying make up.

So, early this week, I decided to finally go to the store and get a reasonably priced eye liner to solve all the problems I have been encountering. And with the recommendation of make up guru and my mentor RB Chanco, I purchased Prestige Eye Liner. Now, prestige has a couple of eye liners in line but I chose to get the Prestige Total Intensity eye liner in Black. (We want all the intensity we can get! haha)

I decided to get the Total Intensity eye liner because I really wanted a product that is easy to use yet gives the full output of color. And I must say, It did not fail. For only PHP350 purchased at The Beauty Bar, this very creamy liner impressed me the moment I swatched it.

See how INTENSE the Total Intensity Liner is with just one swipe? I totally love it!!! I found the answer to the problems I was encountering with my previous experiences with my past liners. Why did I not buy this before? Here is what the liner looks like when applied on my lower and upper waterline (take note: Just one swipe).

Now that is Intense! This is really true to its name. There is no other word best to describe this than intense. :) I definitely would recommend this to everyone. :)

I have been using this liner for the past 2 days for make up gigs and have used it n about 15 people, and it glides so smoothly and easily. I want to re-stock on the product already since it is so nice I never want to run out!! :)

Definitely two thumbs up for me. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Thanks for this review! I'm also scouting for a nice black eyeliner and I would get this on my next visit to Beauty Bar. :)

  2. @Bec No problem definitely worth checking them out at Beauty Bar :)

  3. I heard about the "greatness" of this liner, I'm glad it works for our weather and its price is not bad

  4. that's so nice. never heard of it so i don't know if its in canada

  5. this is great. I love eyeliners especially the pencil form because I'm not good with putting liquid eyeliners. :( Good thing you made a blog post about this and woohoo it's affordable. I'll buy this when I visit Beauty Bar :)

  6. @Nikki Super nice for its price!

    @lelo I think this is a US based brand, you can prllie find it online :)

    @Anna This will work great for what you need. Better check it out before it runs out! :)

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