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Monday, June 7, 2010

Studio Shoots with Rommell Torres

Hey girls, just want to share with you some recent studio shoots with Photographer Rommell Torress. I have 2 sets with him with 2 separate models. This was also done in 2 separate shoots.

I'm really happy with the outcome of the photos. Here they are:

The first shoot was with Sheena Ramos, she was looking to update her portfolio hence the set up for a studio shoot. Yours truly did Sheena's Hair and Make Up. She had tons of photos and I'm still waiting for the others, as for now, here's what I have from her shoot:

The next shoot done was with Canadian Jenny Cliche. Yours truly also did her hair and make up. Here are some of the pics from her set:

Isn't she a natural? I'm really loving the photos since she looks like she came out from a catalog Mag. Can't wait to do more shoots like these. :)

On another hand, I have been on quite a hiatus from blogging due to unexpected hectic scheds. I will be on track very soon with the Dr. Jart BB Creams reviews. I'm road testing them now and can't wait to share my thoughts about them. :)

Toodles! :)

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