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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Makeup + Chips = Gourmet Pics

Oishi Gourmet Picks has an awesome online promo where you can not only exercise your make-up prowess, but also get the chance to win an iPad, Samsung Omnia and PS3! It's the Gourmet Pics with Oishi Gourmet Picks Photo Contest.

The deal is simple. Just upload an exquisite photo of you flaunting your favorite flavor of Gourmet Picks. Each flavor has a theme: Japanese for Wasabi & Nori, Korean for Kimchi and Classic for Natural Sea Salt.

Grand prizes will depend on the flavor. PS3 for Wasabi & Nori, Samsung Omnia for Kimchi and iPad for Natural Sea Salt. To keep things a lot more exciting, there will also be different categories every two weeks with the best-picked prizes: Most Exquisite Background, Most Exquisite Style, Most Dramatic Photo just to name a few.

Imagine all the make-up possibilities.

Click Image for full promo mechanics

Isn't this amazing? You can showcase your make up talents with your favorite themes; Japanese, Korean and Classic make up styles. Don't forget to take a picture with your favorite variant! :)

Here are some suggestions for the different make up looks you guys can do:

Wasabi & Nori Variant (Japanese):

Kimchi (Korean):

Classic Natural Sea Salt:

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!! :) For more information click HERE.

Toodles! :)


  1. Cool promo, thanks for sharing, Caby! I'm actually excited for your entry. =P

  2. Sounds great...
    Good luck to you all who enter.

  3. @Dang I wanna see yours go join na exciting the prizes! :)

    @fierce nails and beauty Thank you :)

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