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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fuchsia and Orange Styli Style Lip Pencil + Mac Pro 15 Palette mishap

Hey girls, I'm back on the regular grind in blogging. I recently added to my styli Style collection these 2 lip colors. Fuchsia and Orange. I really love Styli Style Lip pencils since they really help in keeping the lipstick on for longer. What I usually do is, I apply the lip liner on the lips and color with the liner until half of the lips then I apply the lip color and gloss after. It really makes a difference in keeping the color on. :)

So when I saw from my trusted ebay seller that she had the colors orange and fuchsia, without hesitation I got them. I have been on the constant search for a pure orange lipstick so i thought I'd start with the lip liner. hehe Yayy! So here it is.


For those who don't know, Styli Style is known for the liners longevity on the skin. They are smudgeproof, waterproof and rub proof. So these babies really are long lasting, that's why I love them :)

Here's a closer look at the Fuchsia, it sort of looks a little purple to me

Here's the swatch of Fuchsia, it wasn't the HOT PINK I was expecting since it turned out a little purple, but I guess it's okay, it's an addition to my collection.

Here's a closer look at the Orange, isn't it so vibrant? :)

Here's the swatch of the Orange, i really love it, it's so vibrant and really is orange. :)

Here's a swatch of Fuchsia and Orange together.

Overall, I really love Styli Style products because they really achieve what they promise. And so far, none have failed me. :) I suggest everyone have them in their kits. :) I purchase mine over ebay since they are way more cheaper than when you buy them in the malls. It's the same banana anyway. :)

On another note, I'd like to share with everyone what happened to my MAC Pro Palette containing my neutral shadows and also known as my Bridal Palette. Here's the rundown, I dropped the Palette and smash, I heard the shadows scatter. I was scared for my life! I almost cried at the thought of my babies being shattered. But thank God, when I got them back the shadows only suffered minimum damage, here it is:

Overall, Im thankful that they are still all in good condition. :)

Here's a closer look at the most damage it did:
Embark was reduced to almost half

Vanilla chipped a little and the pan has a small dent.

So i'm glad that all the shadows are intact still. I will definitely be more careful next time! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Yay for the palette being in good condition after the smash and the hold up. I was secretly afraid that it would get smashed when they were moving the seats. but yay! :) :)

  2. @Maui OMG I never thought of that, Thank You for secretly thinking it haha

  3. Buti na lang..I am glad nothing happened with the smashing of your palette, at least well protected! Glad you found the lipliner you want :) The shade is gorgeous

  4. @Nikki Super kabado ako hoping and wishing nothing extreme happened with my shadows. Thanks the orange is nice nga :)

  5. Hey girl I am a makeup artist as well and if you happen to smash a shadow and I mean completely obliterate it there is a great video from Kandee the makeup artist on her blog and also on Youtube that shows you how to make the palette look almost new!

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