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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've been Butter'd! :)

Isn't Butter just the most sinful ingredient ever? If things went my way, I would cook with butter all the time and increase my serving of butter. Butter is like a reward, an exception to whatever diet, it is heaven for the taste buds. When you think of butter it is everything comforting and relaxing.

Have you ever wanted that level of comfort, luxury and relaxation that butter gives in terms of pampering yourself? YES. I definitely do. Let me share with you guys a place where you can get pampered from head to toe promising to give you full "butter" experience. Luxury, Gratification and Comfort:
Beauty & Butter

Bringing Butter to Beauty with Beauty and Butter :)

Beauty and Butter is a one stop shop where you can go for an all out pampering session, whether alone for that all deserved quiet me time or an afternoon pampering session with your girlfriends Beauty and Butter is the perfect place to go!

Mikael Coyiuto the son of Ruby Sy (the maven behind the popular aesthetics clinic FLAWLESS) is the brains behind the amazing Beauty and Butter. He wanted to bring a sense of self-gratification and pampering to people with affordable services & products that will make them feel like a million bucks. Their wide range of services includes Facials, Hair removal, Nails and Body. From facials for different skin types, waxing and threading, Manicure and Pedicures, Customizable nail art to foot and hand paraffin treatments. This place truly is a haven for being pampered.

From the exteriors to the interiors of Beauty and Butter, all I felt was how cool all the artwork was. The place is fuming with individuality, but amidst all the bright colors, an abundance of calm and relaxation still fills the air.

Mural from outside of the Megamall store

Colorful product rack of nail polishes, perfumes and face products

Beauty and Butter brand of nail polish, look at those bright colors!!! :)

Service Area where you can watch a movie :)

A wide selection of nail art to choose from, or you can even bring your portfolio so their professional nail artists can paint any design you have on your nails! Talk about expressing your individuality and customization! :)

After looking around, I was convinced and couldn't wait to try their services. I decided to go with a manicure and pedicure to jump start my butter experience. :)

Comfy seating area with a really cool sink for the feet :)

Another really cool thing about Beauty and Butter is that when you spend a minimum of 500 pesos for any service you get to use their IPAD for free during your session. The place is wifi too so you will not get bored what so ever! Aside from that, while you get pampered several flat screen TV's are mounted on the wall while a movie is shown. Definitely a nice get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. :)

iPad with Twilight nail art done by Beauty and Butter. Hmmmm, makes me wanna get that done for next week's Eclipse showing!!! :) :) :) :)

So while I was getting my manicure and pedicure I was switching from chit chatting with Shen who was there too to have some pampering done, to watching Confessions of a Shopaholic on their TV to tweeting and surfing on the Ipad. Hehe Isn't this the life? I feel like a princess!

Me tweeting on their iPad about my cool butter experience hehe :)

Before I knew it it was time for my nail polish already, I chose a bright mustard color and had a top coat of violet glitters on top! I lovee the combination! You can really choose whatever you want on your nails at Beauty and Butter :)

After the nail polish, my hands and feet went inside the portable dryer. :)

My Nails all done! Yayyy I'm so happy with them!! :)

Click image to view larger thanks Shen for taking the pic hehe Love the color! :)

I had such a wonderful time getting myself pampered at flawless, I really felt relaxed and like I was a princess. The friendly staff make are so hospitable and helpful attending to all my needs. They want you to feel comfortable all the time, the ultimate definition of customer service! And affordable at that too! Their services are from PHP200 - PHP200+ being the most expensive for acrylic nails. All worth it for the butter experience you get. :) Oh and they have a promo now too! When you spend a minimum PHP500 you have a chance to be in their monthly draw for an iPod and in the grand draw they will be giving away an iPad!! :)

You can visit any Beauty and Butter at the following branches:

2/F SM San Lazaro
2/F Entertainment Wing, MOA
5/F Megamall Atrium

Go get yourself Butter'd up now! :) :)

Toodles! :)


  1. question? my sister and i visited the mall of asia branch and spent more than P2000,but was not offered to use an ipad =( aww....but we were statisfied regarding the services we got...
    09056655735-my contact number
    hope to hear from you soon...i'd like to go back again even without the ipad =p it would be great though...thanks!

  2. wow..sooo pretty! I haven't been Konad'ing much..as I love nail art so much, I should give it a try when I'm lazy!

  3. that looks great! i should try that one time :)

  4. Looks nice, I can feel how relaxed you are from your words, Caby. =) I love your nail color, cute combi. I hope they'll have a branch in the South soon. =)

  5. @Anonymous Hmmm, when was your visit to Butter? For sure on your next visit you can ask about the Ipad thingie :) Thanks for dropping by :)

    @Nikki Let's go! Come on sched na natin yan hahaha

    @Crystal Super good vibes yung place :)

    @Dang Thanks Dang I was super relaxed. And i dont regret the mustard color and violet glitters kahit nag mukhang LA Lakers fan ako hehe

  6. OH my gosh... i want that store to come here to Australia!!!
    You lucky girl, it all sounds and looks so divine.
    What a way to get treated.
    And that mustard colour nail polish looks awesom. I am a fan of bright colours on nails.
    ♥ Bev

  7. The iPad is only available in the megamall branch as of now :)

  8. @fierce nails and beauty thank you so much I think all places should have something like Beauty and Butter :)

    @Anonymous thank you for the information :)

  9. do they have wifi already? from previous experience I cant access the mall's free wifi from there eh. thanks

  10. could you buy their nailpolish?

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