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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Discovery: TWO COSMETICS Gel Liner

This, I would have to give credit to my boyfriend. He was the one who discovered TWO COSMETICS hehe. While I was in the bay area, I got a call from my boyfriend asking me if I wanted anything from Two Cosmetics, specifically their Gel liners. He told me the colors they had available and he got me 2 colors.

Two Cosmetics Gel Liner in

Royalty and Passion

The color Royalty is a a deep turquoise with slight shimmers shade while Passion is a matte purple shade. Definitely something I do not have yet in my make up kit.

Royalty and Passion swatched side by side under natural lighting

The gel liners are really creamy and easy to apply. Once they have been applied I noticed that they are also smudge proof, these babies don't budge!! :) Another thing that I like about them is how pigmented they are and how rich they are to their true color. What you see in the packaging is the color you will see once swatched. What I like about gel liners especially colored ones are that they not only serve as your regular eye liners, they can also act as eye shadow and or eye shadow primer to get more vibrant looking and long lasting eye shadows. :) You are getting a multipurpose product in one little jar! :)

When I searched online for TWO COSMETICS website, I saw that they have a couple of products worth looking at. I'm glad my boyfriend got me the gel liners because I would have gotten them my self had I bumped into this kiosk and discovered it first. The Gel liners were bought at The Great Mall in San Jose for only $12.50 each! If you are nowhere near The Great Mall, you can purchase this in their online store and check out their other stuff too!


What new product have you discovered lately? Cheers to new discoveries! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. ganda :) please try it out on us :P

  2. what a sweet boyfriend! ♥
    the royalty one looks promising.

  3. Royalty looks like a gorgeous color! :P

  4. @Sheena Yeap surely! :)

    @Abbie Yes he is :) Royalty is a lovely color :)

    @Pammy It is super :)

  5. In all fairness to Ralph ah... hehe :) see you soon!

  6. wow, very very pIGMENTED! In love!!!

  7. Such pretty colors....your husband is so sweet.

  8. @JajaG Yeap hahaha

    @Nikki Haha yes and yes! :)

    @Mara Thanks Mara

  9. be careful with two cosmetics though, i used it and got an eye infection.

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