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Sunday, October 17, 2010

CARGO Blu Ray High Definition Make-Up

HD makeup has got to be one of the things I consider top on my list when scouting for make-up. As a make up artist, I see to it that the products that I use is friendly to all kinds of lights since, as we all know, a lot of cosmetics have titanium dioxide in them, the ingredient that causes the "whitish" cast on camera flashes. That is a no-no for me, that's why I love HD makeup because I know it is made for requirements like film, photography and stage.

So when I came about a make up brand called CARGO, their HD products nonetheless caught my eye. And since I'm a foundation/Powder addict, I couldn't wait to try the CARGO Blu Ray High Definition Powder and got my hands on one right away when I visited ULTA in Tanforan Mall San Bruno.

CARGO HD Powder in 30
Price: $30

Back of the Product

I have had this product for about 1 month now and I have got to say that I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I had promised myself that I would review the product weeks ago, but things happen and next thing I know I have already Hit Pan!

That is how much I love this product. I use it practically everyday! It is crazy pigmented and offers awesome coverage for the face yet feels lie translucent powder. Did I say it was pigmented? Check it out.

One swatch picks up so much product thus you have to be careful otherwise a tendency of product being wasted can occur.

Initially swatched back of hand

Spread into skin using fingers, see how it vanishes? It's so light on skin it's amazing!

Overall, CARGO Blu Ray High Definition Powder is HG quality. The only quirk I have with it is because it is so pigmented you have to be careful in picking up the product otherwise a lot will go to waste. It is also pretty hefty at $30 a piece, but it's worth it when you get to try it. :) I would definitely purchase this product again, and it seems that I need one sooner than I think. :) And yet again, HD hasn't failed me. :)

Toodles! :)

Remember how I said it was pigmented? Well check out how much product my finger still had after swatching at the back of my hand and spreading.

Nice! :)


  1. ang ganda naman!i like it!

  2. i use this everyday also :)

  3. Pigmented indeed, Caby. Read so much raves about this product. :)

  4. @Kiara Yes girl maganda sya!

    @lelo It's love isn't it? :)

    @Pammy Me too that's why I just had to get it!

  5. I cannot live without this! this is perfection in a powder foundation :)

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