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Monday, October 11, 2010

Kryolan Aquacolor Day Glow Effects

Being practical is hard to do when you have an obsession with make up. When i enter a store filled with make up, my eyes dazzle and I just don't know where to start, sort of like a little girl entering a candy store. Over time, I have learned that the key to less impulsiveness is research. Before buying a product of investment, I now do my research, do a lot of reading reviews and watching videos to see what people have to say and if its really what I need. This product was no different, I just had to see it and how it works. So when I had a recent trip to the Kryolan headquarters in San Fransisco, one of my purchases in Kryolan was out of curiosity of the product. When I was researching about Kryolan and the Products they offered, a certain palette seemed to be the rave of a lot of International Youtube sensations, this is the Kryolan Aquacolor Day Glow Effects.

The Aquacolor day Glow effects palette caught my eye at the store because of its bright neon colors. I asked for assistance from the Kryolan SA and he happily demonstrated how the colors looked. My main query was how it looked under the UV light to see if it really does glow under UV light. So he swatched the product on his hand, and put his hand under UV light and I was sold. Such pretty colors glowing under black light. :)

Thus, colors from this palette are called:

UV Purple
UV Pink
UV Yellow

UV Green
UV Orange
UV Blue

Initial texture of the product is like cream but dried up, the SA explained to me that the palette and the UV colors is activated by water. You can either pick up the product by using a wet sponge or by dipping a brush (better results if brush is synthetic) in water, tapping off excess water and swiping straight on product.

What it looks like initially swatched, dry and hard to spread

What the product looks like when using a wet synthetic brush, directly applied to skin.
Results are: vibrant pigmented colors. Easy to apply and blend, dries like eyeshadow.
This will glow under black light, i just can't demonstrate that as of now. :)

Overall, Aquacolor Day Glow Effects UV palette is very versatile. When applied on skin with wet application, it dries out just like eye shadow. It can also be applied and used for the whole body. Here's my verdict:

- Bright Bright colors, will come in handy for those Avant Garde Looks!
- Colors glow under UV light awesome for those one of a kind requirements too and HALLOWEEN!
- Colors can still be used even without UV light and are still NEON looking.
- Cheap for only about $30usd (php 1,350) tax included for 6 colors that will last a long time.
- Packaging is handy

- Expensive when bought outside of the US (Kryolan in the Philippines are usually double or more of the retail price)
- Only available online in most areas or only available in specialty make up stores

So will I repurchase: Yes if ever I run out, but I doubt i'll run out of it soon hehe

This palette would be awesome for Halloween, now I just need to look for an Inspiration! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Pigmented indeed. Would like to see what Halloween look you would come up with this. :P

  2. I got this when I went to New York for the Makeup Show! It's awesome. Absolutely love it.. I use it as an eyeliner sometimes for some added colour!

  3. aww I missed Avant Garde makeup, haven't been doing it much since i graduated Makeup school :) Thanks for this

  4. u said it glowed under UV lites? wow~ not just for avant garde MU, but clubbing as well!

    xoxo elle

  5. I would like to know if you need to set it with an losse or pressed eyeshadow so that it wont crease and fade...has anybody tried it with an eye primer and then just the color and nothing on top,did it crease,how long did it stayed on???thanks:D

  6. i'm iranian... i want to bye these color.. can you help me please?

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