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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My visit to Kryolan US Headquarters

On a Sunny Monday in San Fransisco, my boyfriend decided (After my nagging hehe) he'd take me to Kryolan to go to their showroom. The experience was wonderful, the people there were so helpful and there was this rush I felt knowing that Kryolan's US head quarters is where I visited. I guess I'm a makeup dork like that! haha Anyway without further a do, here are some pics and the things I came home with :)

My humble loot

Kryolan Fixer Spray
Dermacolor concealer wheel (I use as foundation)
Kryolan Aquacolor UV Day glow Palette
Kryolan Blusher Palette

Fixer Spray

Dermacolor Concealer Wheel

UV Palette

Blusher Palette

If you are in the Bay Area, a visit to the Kryolan show room is something I advise on doing if you are a makeup junkie. You will have so much fun trying and checking out all their make up. I sure had fun! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Can you blog on how you test drived the UV palette!!! I'm just curious

  2. This is soo cool. I didn't even know about this. Good stuff you got!

  3. I'm sure its cheaper there than down here right? That's a great haul and you look so happy in the photo :)

  4. buti ka pa! in my mom's area in texas, i didn't see any kryolan :(

  5. @Gian yeah I will when I get home :)

    @Becky They have a lot of cool stuff! :)

    @Shobe Retail price sya

    @Nikki Yeap at retail price no mark up what so ever :)

    @Crystal Aside from the head quarters its only available online and in specialty stores :)

    @Get Gawjus IT is so nice :)

  6. The colors on the blush palette looks really pretty! :P

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