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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What are your MAC must have products?

It's no secret that probably the most popular and well trusted brand when it comes to make up is MAC whether for professional artists or not. MAC has been around for a number of years now and has ever since never failed when it comes to their marketing strategies. From Back to Mac, to a huuuggeee line of products and to the always exciting seasonal collections, they always know how to keep their customers wanting more.

I must admit, I have fallen into the MAC trap (I was sorta anti-MAC before but now i eat my words!) and I can't get enough of the brand! My kit has transformed and is now 85% MAC filled and it just keeps on growing. I want to share with you all my can't-live-without-must-have MAC products.

MAC Eye Shadows
Photo taken from Temptalia
MAC has got to be the brand that carries a full range of colors and finishes for its eye shadows. At first, I thought they were overpriced and any eyeshadow will do. But once I started taking Makeup Artistry seriously, the main problem I faced with other eye shadow brands was that there was fall out and the colors just wouldn't stick. Until I tried MAC eye shadows, the color output was superb, hardly any fall out and the colors just blend well. Yes, you pay a pretty hefty price per eye shadow but it definitely is worth it. MAC eye shadows are top on must-have list.

MAC Brushes
Photos taken from MAC Website

MAC is also well known for their make up brushes because of their quality and many rave reviews. You may think that any other brush can do the job because yes, I used to also think that way, but what I've realized is that without the right tools, you can't achieve perfection. Sounds so way up there huh? Haha but to clear that out, when I say right tools, what I'm looking for is a product that is made with top notch quality to help it last a long time, a product that can produce the same result every time and one that I can use with utmost ease. And with the wide array of MAC brushes, these have got to be my must-haves:

MAC 190
Can be used for cream and liquid foundation, out of all foundation brushes I have tried and own, this gives me the least streaks and most of the time gives me no streaks at all. Thus making my foundation application flawless every time.

MAC 109
This brush is raved for it's flawless-ness when used to apply liquid foundation in a buffer motion, that is true yes because for a time that's what I used it for. But after that I realized that because the brush really isn't intended for liquid products it encountered more shedding, thus is shifted it's purpose. I started using this brush to set liquid foundation with powder foundation. Because of its round-ness it is like a 'kabuki on a stick' and the size perfect for buffing making sure every corner and crevice of the face is reached.

MAC 266
I really can't live without this brush. This is my best friend hand-in-hand to help create the best looking eye brows in every face. Perfect angle and perfect shape, it works 100% with my favorite brow products.

MAC Brow Set
Photo taken from MAC Website

I don't know of any other brand that can come close to a product like MAC's Brow Set. It looks like mascara but this baby is intended to give your brows the tint that it needs. Aside from the tint, it also helps keeps your unruly brows polished. I start panicking when I see this product running out in my kit. I love it that much.

MAC Fluidline
Photo taken from MAC Website

Almost every cosmetic brand has their own gel liner, but MAC's version is just so convenient to use. It glides on like silk, dries to a matte finish and looks smooth every time. Just always make sure to not leave it open for long and close it tightly so it doesn't dry easily.

With MAC's full range of products, most of what I have in my kit if not all are well used and really treasured, but the ones that I have mentioned above have got to be the products that can't be beaten by other brands.

What about you girls, which MAC Products are your must-haves? :) Can't wait to read all your answers. :)

Toodles! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

The on-the-go bag

On days when I know work won't require me to bring my lighted train case, I save myself the effort (loading and unloading from my car, carrying it up flights of stairs which tires me out even before I begin the actual work haha) and bring with me a smaller kit. This smaller kit is already filtered and includes only makeup I would need, especially when it's me doing makeup for a regular client and or you know the venue of makeup is equipped with lighting and a mirror to use.

A few days ago, after a beauty ed for a magazine, I decided to drop by the Suesh showroom to just look around (I laugh at myself for thinking I would just "look around") and came home with this baby, my new on-the-go makeup kit bag.

Description from Suesh
- Stylish padded canvas bag perfect for girls who are always on the go.
- Zebra print
- Dimensions: 13 x 7.5 x 8.5 inches

--- PHP1,200

Here's what the bag looks like open with my stash inside :)

Brush belt goes on top of the pile, fits perfectly in the bag without deforming any brush and notice how the inside of the cover has provisions for brushes too :)

Brush belt out, and surprise at all that room for my kit :)

Everything that was inside the bag :)

Inside the bag

Here's the inside empty, roomy enough t fit all the things you will need plus inside also has a lot of pockets for little things. The outside of the bag too is surrounded with pockets so there is plenty of room for everything.

When I bought this bag, it answered all my considerations in looking for an on the go kit. It was large enough to fit everything yet not too bulky to lug around, it had extra pockets, it was light and the design and print is funky to bring around. :)

The best part is that, setting up and packing up is such a breeze, storing things in little bags like lipstick, eye liners and the likes helps too so that there's less clutter. This bag is perfect! :)

Toodles! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MAC Prolongwear lipstick in Goes and Goes

Hey guys, posting another review on my MAC Prolongwear Lipstick collection in the shade of Goes and Goes. I have constantly mentioned in my blog posts my love for MAC Prolongwear lipsticks. Just like MAC Matte lipsticks they really last long on your lips after hours and hours without feathering. The bestest best part is that it isn't drying on the lips, even after hours its formula helps keep your lips hydrated thus giving it a matte finish that is not drying. :)

Goes and Goes is a Blue Violet Shade

Here's a swatch of Goes and Goes compared to other MAC Lipsticks

From top to Bottom:

Candy Yum Yum

Pro Longwear in Overtime

Pro Longwear in Love Forever

Pro Longwear in GOES AND GOES

This lipstick though, I don't know I have mixed feelings with. I find that it doesn't really complement medium-darker skin tones. Also I feel that it's not a shade that can be used for everday wear. Although I don't regret purchasing this because I know it will come in handy with a not so usual concept shoot for work. :)

Below is a pic of me and Angel, Angel is my make up mentor RB Chanco's loveable assistant. Angel is wearing MAC Pro Longwear in Goes and Goes, he is the first to try the lipstick since I have yet to use it for work. So for everyone's reference here's a pic of Goes and Goes worn by Angel. :)

Tillmy next post!

Toodles! :)