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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've become addicted to lipsticks

I feel so ashamed, that it has grown accustomed to me to apologize at every beginning of my blog posts. I know I have promised to blog more often and I know I have not lived up to that promise, but I do assure you that I have a valid reason hehe. From January up to this month, work has been over pouring and over whelming that when I have time, instead of blogging, I find myself asleep and resting on my bed. But although I have been super busy, I have not changed one bit with my makeup hoarding! :) And recently I noticed I've become addicted to lipsticks hehe.

Here are my latest hoards:

Left to Right:
The Infamous Candy Yum Yum from the Quite Cute Collection
MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick in Overtime
MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick in Love Forever
MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick in Goes and Goes
Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color in 905D Smokin Hot Pink
MAC Lip Pencil in In Synch from the Quite Cute Collection

I didn't realize I was hoarding so much on lip products until I saw my stash and realized they were all still in boxes. I don't know why but I have recently become addicted to lipsticks, and it hasn't even ended, I have a few more lipsticks I ordered coming soon! Weeeh more lippies! :)

As for now, these are my new babies. :) Which one of the lip products do you want to see swatched? :)

Let me know. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. hehe me too, i always promise to blog often but always break the promise!
    anyway can u swatch the infamous candy and wetnwild?they look pretty!

  2. wow i just posted on your chat box that i miss your posts, and then here you are again, welcome back. love your new babies!


  3. wow.. MAC lippies ^_^ i miss your posts

  4. Wow great haul! ^^ Been into lipstick lately, too. Overtime looks very pretty and seems like the kind of color i've been eyeing, but Goes and Goes looks so unusual and intriguing so I'm looking forward to swatches of those two. ^^

  5. Goes and Goes looks like an interesting shade! :)

  6. I saw RB wearing Candy Yum Yum. Ang ganda ng pagka neon niya, parang umiilaw :P

    I have Wet and Wild lipstick, the super pale pink one. Poor color payoff when used alone. It makes lips chap as well.


    Infamous? You don't like it? Baka you might wanna sell it to me. :D

  8. @vanilla yeah exactly how i feel, will gladly swatch them for you :)

    @aringkingking thank you for reading and dropping by :)

    @rhaindropz yes theyre the best, thank you!

    @jackie Overtime has got to be my most favorite out of this batch, watch out for my swatch soon!

  9. @michelle it sure is, will swatch soon!

    @carl oh gosh you have no idea how we searched high and kow for candy yum yum haha

    @martha ohh im not as addicted to lipsticks as much as you haha infamous dahil out of stock the first 30 mins haha

  10. Is Candy Yum Yum available in Manila? It's always not stocked. :(

  11. @Joyce It was part of the Quite cute collection which was available in Manila. I'm sure it was sold out right away too.

  12. love the lipstick..really long-lasting..nice :-)

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