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Friday, March 18, 2011

The MAC 189 Brush

I used to think that all brushes were equal regardless if they were branded or not. Then I used to think that buying brushes under a certain brand was just merely a marketing strategy. This was until I became a make up artist and realized that our face need corresponding brushes that will complement the contours it has and not all brushes can do the job well done. With this you know you have a good brush when everything about it is thought about, from its shape, its bristles, density, size and etc.

That's exactly what I felt when I purchased this one of a kind MAC Brush. The MAC 189.

The MAC 189 is no longer available in the MAC website but as far as I can remember this brush retailed for about $50. A hefty price I know but it is surely worth it. I purchased mine at a CCO for about $28, so for those who have access to a CCO nearby I do suggest you check them out. Also since I am not sure if this is a discontinued brush or a PRO product only.

Compared to the MAC 190 foundation brush, you can clearly see how much bigger the bristles are. The bristles are made from Natural animal hair and is about double the size of the MAC 190, making it perfect for application of foundation on the face and Body.

What makes this brush super unique is that the bristles are incredible-y soft yet so so so dense. This makes it perfect for foundation application whether you are using liquid or cream foundation. The density allows you a flawless application one with less streaks on the face. This is also great when used with powder foundation since it buffs in the product better and also, no product goes to waste.

Overall, I think this brush is really a smart purchase. The only thing that can set you back from purchasing this brush in my opinion is:

1. Availability - Since it's no longer available in the MAC website it may now be discontinued or a PRO product.
2. Price - It was priced at $50 in the website but I purchased this for $28 in CCO. Still a hefty price both ways.

But on the other hand this brush has more good to it:

1. 1 Brush for all - can be used with Cream, Liquid and Powder Foundation.
2. Fast - With its size, you get the job done faster without compensating on the quality of work.
3. Big - It's such a big sized brush it can be used for both face and body.
4. Limitless - This brush is not only for foundation type it can be used for other things too. ( I use it to apply body shimmer to certain areas of the body such as the collar bone).
5. Sturdy - This is such a sturdy brush, I'm sure it will last me a long time. :)

So what do you guys think? The MAC 189 surely is one of my favorite brushes. :) What are yours?

Toodles! :)


  1. I am actually looking for a foundation brush but the price for this one is a bit scary! LOL

  2. Do you think I can use this for BB cream? I don't really use foundation :o

  3. mine fell and has dent on the side already :(
    i like this brush a lot specially when i want heavier coverage

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