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Sunday, November 27, 2011

SLEEK Makeup lipsticks

Hey all, a blessed Sunday to everyone! I just got home from a quick afternoon shopping at the St. James Bazaar in Alabang. This bazaar is a yearly thing from me, you can practically find anything you want and need for yourself and presents for others. We got lucky with parking too, parked right in front of the entrance. :)

One of the surprises i saw and immediately chose from was a wide selection of SLEEK makeup. I only know of this brand from other international bloggers as they blog mostly about the Sleek eye shadow palettes. I was more fascinated with their lipsticks at only PHP400 per tube!

Here's what i came home with:

Sleek Lipstick in:
Mystic (Matte)
Fuschia (Sheen)

Swatch of Mystic (left) and Fuschia (right) and a showcase of my arm candy hehe

I really really love how pigmented the lippies from Sleek are, I am actually regretting I didn't buy more. Hehe

Here's me wearing Mystic:

Goodnight All!

Toodles! :)


  1. Wow! They really are pigmented! They kind of remind me of NARS Schiap. Maybe I'd buy one someday... when I have the money to spare. lol. :) -Dawn

  2. Very pigmented ang ganda ng color at bagay sayo sis!

  3. @dawn theyre worth it and at a fraction of what you would pay for with other lippies :)

    @nikki thanks sis, they have a hod range of. Nice shades :$

  4. Thanks Carl, we learned only from the best :)

  5. you pretty then but you're still very pretty now

    share your secret! :D

  6. @Geli thank you, honestly my secret really is makeup, I have terrible skin :(

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